Plain front number plate for '12 wr

I have a 2012 wr450f and have broken the front light once already messing around on a track and taking a rock.

I'm hoping I can get a basic front number plate to throw on when I'm not needing the light so I can avoid having to buy yet another one.

Any ideas? Anyone done this? Figured it would be easy, but a newer yzf450 plate is not even close

Are you wanting to keep the speedo/odo on it? If not you can rig up a YZ # plate pretty easy.

If you do want to keep the speedo you can put a peice of mesh in the headlight housing like Jed Haines did on his race bike. He posted a link not too long ago in this forum.


Nice idea....I definitely want to leave the informational unit in place.....otherwise could I literally just disconnect it and it wouldn't affect the bike at all?

Yeah you could remove it and not affect the performance. It is a nice feature though.

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