I tried the search function but it came up blank, so I was wondering if anybody has tried a R&D RACING KEIHIN FCR POWER BOWL2 on a 2009 YZ450F? I was thinking about getting one to help clean the jetting up and to help with the occasional stall.

Cheers chris

Yes it works on all the carbed yzs had it on my 07,08,09.Run it, pipe dr.d or fmf,165 main,48 pilot,fuel screw 1.5-2 turns out (for socal)the end.

Cheers galligar

Bought my 09 used with r&d float bowl and carbon fiber dr.d full exhaust. I have experienced no bog. Gets up quick. Didnt have a stock experience to compare to though.

Don't know if they still make it, but the R&D power pump adjustable a.p. cover and power spring for the a.p. are much cheaper than the power bowl. And completely kill a bog if there even is one.

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