Stuck header bolt.

On my "new" WR which I rescued from it's previous owner, I'm going over as much maintenance as I can, pre-season.

I'm pretty sure he used an impact on the drain bolts, if he in fact ever used them. :foul:

I've been hitting ALL the fasteners on the bike with PB and Deep Creep, but the header bolt is not co-operating. I can't get an allen key socket in there, and the 4" key just twists. I've tried with the nut on the other side of the flange both loose and tight, and given the bolt a few good raps with a punch from both sides.

Anyone have a good trick to deal with this? I've searched, and welding a nut on there seems to be the only thing mentioned.



I would drill the head off the bolt.  That releases the pressure.  Pull off the header and you should be able to get it out with vise grips.  I've also had good luck with stuck bolts by heating  the surrounding area with a torch.  Another trick I've used is drilling a small hole somewhere so the PB actually gets into the threads.  Spraying the outside probably isn't getting any where it's needed.  

Do you have a grinder?

Kidding lol

Hi there, the "heating with a torch idea" is good, and then hit the bolt with "FREEZE SPRAY" the shock will crack the seal between them. 

Ok try a 2 stroke the springs are easy to get off. Lol sorry had to do it. But is the Allen socket too big of diameter or too long. When I twist Allen keys I've a set of sockets that I cut down so that the hex is only as long as as the head is deep. Not likely to twist and easier to get into tight spots. Hope that helps some ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1393127810.109181.jpg


Problem is access. I can't get in there with a short allen key socket. Frame member is in the way. I thought maybe there was a trick if this was a common enough problem. I keep reading about how some skip the filter part of the process, guess that's what I'll do until I get to hear this run. Maybe after it gets good and hot, a shot of freeze will get it loose.


 If finally released it's grip. Many raps and taps, and spritzes of various penetrating oils did the trick.

 It let go today without noise or drama.

Got the oil filter out, and found an odd crease, with tiny holes in the mesh. Hosed out the orifices and passages with solvent.

On to the carb!

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