Anaheim SX results

Please post results ASAP.

My computer as slow as I'm am, won't run the media broadcast.

Vuillemin 1rst, Larocco 2nd, Fonseca 3rd

RC crashed on lap 5 and dnf, MC got 13 and Honda thumper with Ramsey on board got 17

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good night of racing and crashes!!!! stweart endoed in thw whoops twice in the main, gut he still finished second. in the 250 main, rc endoed big time!!! dnf for ricky. jeremy wasn't himself either. he wasn't riding as hard as we all thought he would be. he finished 13th. David vuillemin was on fire, winning over mike larocco by about 5 seconds.

On tv tomorrow at 2 pm western, 3pm eastern



On tv today at 2pm CST on ABC

It was a bizarre night of racing. LaRocco was riding the best I've ever seen. Vuillemin was silky smooth and his showing proved so.

RC got bit very hard by the "on the edge" style of his. It looked like he broke his neck and leg (LaRocco, hard on the front brake, rode over Ricky's calves). It was a very scary looking wreck. I've gotta say, that poor kid really takes a beating in the court of public opinion. In the opening ceremonies he was boo'ed by what appeared to be half the stadium. I turned behind me to ask some slob why he was booing and he said "Ricky's all about the all mighty dollar". What the hell does he work for, beer? (his gut practically rubbed the back of my head). I can't believe the reception he got, it was absolutely dispicable how he was perceived and greeted last night. Then, to top it all off, he nearly lost his life trying to live up to a very high expectation from his fans, employers, sponsers, and himself. It makes me sick to be in the same company with such pathetic, filthy, ignorant frigging slobs!!

All right, enough of my rant and on to racing.

Bubba put in an incredible ride to finish 2nd. This after tasting the dirt and having to go to the "LCQ" to get into the show and once again during the main. He is truely phenominal!

It was one of the most bizzarre races I've seen, yet one of the most exciting as well. Don't miss it!


that's the nature of sports my friend. weither it's football,baseball,soccer ect. or MX. Your a fan of one side, and you boo the opposition. I would have been booing him too. Why? Because I root for the guy's on Yammy's. Because I am pulling for McGrath and Timmy. And he is the competition. Do i think RC is a bad guy? no. He is just the competition for the guys I want to win. It's all in fun. I'm not a dispicable person because I'm a fan of MX and my favorite riders.

Not quite sure but.......

I just turnd on the BOOB TOOB to ABC and the Bears game is on.

Not that I don t like football but when SX is on........screw football :D

It is the 3rd qtr and it is 6 minutes to 1pm mtn time. Shouldnt it be on at 1pm which is 3pm ET???

Are they going to screw us again?





My on tv cable listing showed the race at 12:00 channel 2 today,,,at 12:00 all I got was two fat women on a cooking show thinking they were funny. I went to ABC online they say the race is to be on at 2:00 PT in the writeup, BUT on their schedule it shows it at 3:00 ? ? ? ? ?


ABC (or Dish Network maybe) sucks. A basketball game replaced SX. I have Dish Network and the on screen guide even said EA Sports Supercross. Did anybody get it?

Screw ABC for misleading us!

I planned my friggin weekend around that! Supercross a No Show in Colorado (digital cable) What a bust!

I think next weekend I won't give a S#*!T. Too bad.

I also agree with thumpy. It's sad that people would greet the best SX rider in the world (at the moment) in such a manner. Would it be as interesting if RC wasn't there? Screw armchair , beerbelly, ignorant embarassments to the USA. Screw ABC. Screw the promoters. Want someone to boo? Pick one of them!

We got it here in Redondo Beach,Ca at 2o-clock.It was a lot more excitng there in person. :)

I got a damn basketball game too.. Havent been that disapointed in a while... I say we send a couple of leg breakers to visit whomever was responsible for that...


We got it here in Houston. I only caught the 250 Main. Those who didn't get to see it didn't miss much. ABC didn't do a very good job of covering the action. They covered the action at the front only and we didn't hear about ANYONE else.

RC didn't get the holeshot which was surprising but he made a couple of quick passes and started putting pressure on the leaders -- a quote from the page:

On lap two, Vuillemin passed Byrne for the lead and began to feel the pressure from Mike LaRocco and Carmichael. As Carmichael entered the whoops, he, like Stewart, went flying over the bars, causing LaRocco to go down as well. LaRocco would return to the race and finish second, while Carmichael was forced to watch the race from the sidelines. Ernesto Fonseca finished third.

What they don't mention is that RC's rear end was swapping almost every time he charged through the whoops. It was making me nervous even watching on TV. It wasn't so far fetched that he crashed spectaularly given the fact that he looked over the edge, even more so than normal. Makes me wonder if his Honda is dialed in right. Vuillemin and Larocco were tracking straight through the whoops. Vuillemin looked very smooth.


Steve T


You have a very good point. I don't agree with it but, it's valid nonetheless.

I think booing is rarely appropreit. A bad call, yes. Unsportsmanlike conduct, absolutely. Professional wrestling, always. Hockey, what can I say there. Boxing, sure. Football, OK. Baseball, not so much. Golf, tennis, Ice Skating, Marathons, and other "fine motor skill" or endurance activities it just doesn't seem to fit. I think Supercross/motocross is kind of like the tomato of the fruit family (technically tomato's are considered a fruit yet we think of them as vegetables, mx is considered a brutal sport but it's really a finesse sport). It's a conglomeration of fine motor skills, endurance, strength, speed, and courage and as such, earns a spot in the more subdued catagory, therefore, booing just struck me as wrong and out of place.

p.s. No, I don't think you're a dispicable person. You're perspective doesn't appear to come from malice, hatred, or dispise and maybe a small percentage of those boo's were along the same line of thought as yours but, the tone was unmistakably and overwhelmingly condescending and had nothing to do with Ricky the racer, rather, it was about Ricky the person, there's a distinct difference.

Thumpy & Amador,

I have to say both of you make valid points and I agree with both of you. I do believe that I should be able to cheer for and/or boo whoever I want. That is protected by the first amendment. I also believe that there must be limits to the cheers or boos. When they get to the point when nearby persons are offended, then it must be put to a stop.

We all want to see our favorite rider(s) win or do well. These racers at the Pro level devote their whole life to the sport and they deserve our respect. They train more in one week than I do in a whole year!! They get paid for their job just as we do. Are the salaries inflated??...I think so. Look at the salaries that are paid in other less dangerous sports like baseball, basketball, golf and the list is endless. When you compare those salaries to SX/MX superstars, they are making a meager wages.

--Could it be we are envious or are we jealous that we are not that good or make that much money??....Maybe.

--Could it be we are displeased by someones lack of loyalty????....Maybe.

I don't have to like Ricky as a person but I sure do respect him for the professional effort he puts forth. I wish I could be as fast as the slowest guy in the main event!!! :)


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What drives me crazy is booing the guy because he took the money. Most every one of us would leave his job for another company that will pay him better. We know that if our performance suffers that our employer has no problem letting us go. Worse than that, if the company fortunes suffer because of mistakes made at the top, they have no problem letting us go!

A pro athlete, especially one in such a dangerous sport has a short career. He deserves every dime that he can get! They have to rely far more on their own talent than in almost any other occupation. Look at Hollywood! Unions restrict that employment pool and set salaries for millionaires! Same in most sports. But in racing they are truly free agents, give them the pay they deserve!!! Besides who better deserves the money that is made by their labors, the factories, promoters or who???

At the race came in fine on TV here in LA area. We hurried down from riding in the local mountains, pulled into the Walmart lot, cranked up the TV antennae, had lunch and watched the race!

....I also would like to say what I do find dispicable. That is cheering when someone crashes or gets injured. I don't care who it is, I have too much respect for the sport and human well being for that. Also, I don't think a majority of the people boo RC because of the dollar factor. 1st and foremost, Nobody want's to see the same race results week in and week out. Secondly, I think there are alot of people out there who are like me and don't think that RC is a good ambassador for the sport. I take nothing from his talent as a rider. McGrath oozes champion, and I personally don't think that RC can ever fill those shoes. Even if RC breaks all of MC's records, he will never do for the sport what MC has and will do.

I for one felt a little anamosity toward RC last year just for his arrogant behaviour. But when I saw him bust his melon and had blood running off his face I realized that he was just human and could die. It really bothered me to see him get piled up like that. I'm relieved the boy didn't get paralyzed.

I know I'll hear if for what I'm about to say:

What the F%$# is up with McGrath? I waited all winter to see this guy get out and get revenge for a dominating spanking from last year and he comes out there and embarrasses himself like that..

Quote. I'm ready....I'm in the best shape in my life.




Yeah i said it!!!!


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