Anaheim SX results

I agree with Kirtwell, what did happen to McGrath?

He claims it was arm pump, and perhaps that's the case. But I've never seen him get lapped like that before.


On the RacerX website, they cited that Mc was suffering from severe arm pump. Glad to know I'm not the only one that has that happen.

On the booing debate... I try to make a point of never booing an athlete. I may cheer harder for the guy I like but IMHO, booing someone who's doing their best is inappropriate. YMMV. Now, if someone's being unsportsmanlike, he/she gets booed. Just my $.02


Like it or not, McGrath is getting old. See, no one stepped it up before like Charmichael had. McGrath now has to go higher than before. It has gotten above his abilities. Apparently, it is not above Vuilleman's, LaRocco's, and the like's abilities. I'd say the Honda switch is getting to RC though. The level he is at, he doesn't have enough background on the Honda. He knew every quirk of a KX, a CR though, he still has to or not. But he just didn't look fluid. AND...LaRocco is THE MAN!! WOW.

LaRocket did look good!!

If he hadn't gone down, who knows ????

Good race though, I can't wait to watch the rest.

I was fortunate enough to be at the event in Anaheim, and McGrath was off all night. He looked like a rookie in his heat???? I hope it is just an off night. He is and will always be the king! The real show was Stewart! What talent! I never knew what he would pull next. Very entertaining. If he can keep his head and stay healthy, McGrath will not have to fear Carmichael beating all his records, because Stewart will keep Carmichael off the podium. To set the record straight, Carmichael didn't crash in the whoops, he cam up short on a nasty little step-up leading into the whoops. He landed in the whoops, but they weren't what bit him. I hope he mends quickly. I'm not a fan for some of the reasons mentioned by others, but I can't deny his talent and would never wish him harm. Larocco was unbelieveable. Did anyone else notice those two Aussies? Reed and Byrne kicked butt!!! I much perfer these two to some of the arrogant euros. Thain needs to be suspended for a race or two. $1000 fine is a joke.

What did Thain do? On ABC, you just got a glimpse of someone going down in the pitts.


Thain rammed his bike into Gossalar after the race.

I am not saying Rodrig was right in doing it, but I understand his frustration. Gossalar needs to be reminded he is not in the 125 Novice class at the local track anymore.


What about booing that arogant punk Karl Malone?

Does that count in your booing theory?

Cuz I really cant stand that FREAKIN CRYBABY!

I know it has nothing to do with SX but it would put my mind at ease to know that you say it is ok to BOO the NBA's DIRTIEST DUO malone/stockton!!!



I won't BOO those stinkin Euro's but I sure as hell won't cheer for em' either! :D

Just out of curiousity, what is it that RC does/did to earn the "not as good an ambassador" title? My buddy did a press interview with him and though he presented himself and Honda very well. On that note, he was also supposed to interview McGrath but he was a no show. His sponser was very hot that he wasn't there, after all, they paid a couple million bucks to get their logo on the air. What many don't know is McGrath only has two people to run his operation where Honda has many in comparison. Running his own team takes more time and effort than he or his two reps can handle. Mentally he's not in the game, he can't be he's got too much else on his mind. Too bad, cause he's in great physical shape. It appears that his team is only running on 6 cylinders at best, he better fix it or he'll suffer the consequences.

I'll agree that he's RC's awkward and not as polished but, outside of that he seems to be a good kid.

In my opinion if anyone should get boo'ed it should be Thain. He knew Goose was coming, you can hear someone comin and he heard him. Goose held his line and Thain drifted. I've looked at it 10 times (I've got it on tape) and there's no question it was his (Thain's) fault.

I've always said RC was a ticking time bomb. His on the edge style is what drilled him into oblivion Saturday night. I hope he steps it down a skosh and stays in the sport a while longer.

I agree, Bubba is the next phenom and what a great ride he put in. I met him at Saddleback a few weeks ago and he appeared to be a very nice kid. He doesn't have any respect for elders though, he smoked me in short order!

Originally posted by thumpy:

I agree, Bubba is the next phenom and what a great ride he put in. I met him at Saddleback a few weeks ago and he appeared to be a very nice kid. He doesn't have any respect for elders though, he smoked me in short order!

Yep....and then Bubba shifted into second gear!!!! :)

Sorry, couldn't resist.



How ya doin?

Ya that about sums it up! Hey, you're familiar with the two little table tops after the entrance to the vet track at Saddleback, Bubba was clearing them both in a single leap. It was impressive. I think that's why they added the small whoops before that section, so you can't carry enough speed to do that anymore. It's not a big gap or leap for that matter, just very technical and made for some great hang time.


Why would you feel that it is RC's responsibility to "Fill" MC's shoes? No one is MC, just as No one is RC. RC will go down as one of the greatest as has MC and many others. Bob Hannah was no Ambassidor to the sport, yet he is an "icon" in MX racing. What we need is to "promote" the sport by elevating it, not demoralizing it or any riders in it. If we were all the same, how fun would it be to watch.

As far as RC and the money go, why do you think MC dropped his long-time buddy Jeff Surwall? (No Fear) Bottom line,...........$$$$$MONEY$$$$$! I guess one could say MC picked money over a long time friendship, but alas,....thats OK I guess???

Don't get caught up in it. You don't have to root for the guy, but he is a human being, doing what he loves (and I'm assuming you do too) and "true" fans don't Boo someone for going out and playing fair and giving it 100% to be a winner.

One things for sure, all the other riders respect him, and you won't hear them booing RC.


Originally posted by thumpy:

In my opinion if anyone should get boo'ed it should be Thain. He knew Goose was coming, you can hear someone comin and he heard him. Goose held his line and Thain drifted. I've looked at it 10 times (I've got it on tape) and there's no question it was his (Thain's) fault.

They all took off at the same time and Thain was in front. It doesnt matter if Thain drifted (If he did), HE WAS IN FRONT! Gossalar needs to shut it down! Look at the tape again, Gossalar was still accerating even upon contact. Did Gossalar think he had special powers and did not have to abide by the laws of physics?

BTW, if it mattered, you definetly cannot hear a 125 over a YZ250F with a pipe at WFO.

[ January 08, 2002: Message edited by: JohnnyG ]


it is nobodys responsibility to fill MC's shoes. I am simply stating why I would rather see MC champ than RC. This is my opinion. I am not asking anybody to understand or agree. I personally don't feel that RC can or will do anything for the sport other than win races during his reign as champ. I personally feel that MC took a personal interest in elevating the sport to new levels and did/does eveything he can to bring new exposure to the sport. I'm not saying that RC isn't an icon. I'm not saying he's not worthy of being the champ. I'm not saying he's bad for the sport. I am saying that I feel MC is a better champ. This is my opinion. I'm sure you have yours.


I was at the race and saw it on ABC, my .02.

* The oddest but most exciting SX I have ever been to. Who knew what would happen next. 125's were awesome.

* Whoop sections- were taking people out all day and all night. Made it interesting but scary. This section really seperated the riders. I am shocked at how many people took hard falls and got back up. These things were really deep.

* Track- didn't care for the layout. Not enough passing room or spectacular jumps.

* Goesslar/Thain- I had a perfect view of the accident plus saw it on tv. I don't think anything was intentional, just hard racing. Goesslar had a very narrow lane on the left to pass Thain. Goesslar had been taking that left all race. He blazed through but Thain bobbled to the left. The whoops were giving people problems all night long so a bobble to the left is not so unexpected. Plus Goesslar had problems twice in whoops (Bubba crash and Thain pass). While serious fighting would be bad, something like a little bike push over is ok once in a while. Ala AJ Foyt. Makes it less corporate and a little wilder. Good.

* Bubba- wow. I was there in the afternoon and watched him go down and then make a comeback and go down again. Same in the main. Incredible. This guy is exciting plus his name is Bubba.

* McGrath- bad night but still cheer for him and way to early to count him out.

* Ricky- boo him if you want. Thats your right in sports just don't throw stuff. But I think that anyone who gripes because he went to a team that gave him a huge pile of money is talking gibberish. If my boss give me a raise I'm taking it. I'm not sure why, lots of people have always disliked Ricky. I don't have that strong of an opinion either way, but I think he is a great rider and winner.

* LaRocco- This could be his year. He looked strong and fast.

* Pastrana- looked good, fast, and looked like he was using his head and not overriding aka last year. Yes he crashed and didn't finish, but the crash was not his fault and then it caused a mechanical failure.

*Wheelchairs and injuries- I know its a part of sport and we take our chances, but I can't help but feel bad and somewhat scared when I go to the supercross every year and see so many good people banged up. I hope medical technology keeps advancing to help these guys. I try to think about those injuries when I get really pumped up after seeing the race and want to jump something huge. I tell myself that I have a lot of goals in life and that it's ok and maybe even smart to be a little chicken. We each choose where we want those limits to be and I'm on my bike for fun not glory.

* Crowds in general and race chicks- I love being around race fans. 10% are trouble makers and 90% are totally cool. But thats kind of an interesting combination. I think racing crowds are cool people with an appreciation of a great sport. I love race chicks, Dirtgirl T-shirts, and haltertops. I like white trash. I am white trash and proud.

* David Bailey and ABC- I was in line with David Bailey getting a hotdog. Nice guy. Spoke to him briefly. I'm a fan. I'm not a fan of ABC's coverage. Yes its good to get more people interested and be on a network. But the coverage was terrible, out of context, focused too much on a few riders, didn't capture the feel of an exciting night.

Well that's not .02. More like $2.00.


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