Greasing 12 WR450F

Last year was my first year back on dirt bikes.  Had a DRZ and another WR a few years ago.  Last year I picked up a 2012 WR450F and did all of the usual mods listed on here.  What a beast...


My question is on lubrication.  I have read on here in certain threads that these should be re-greased virtually right away after you pick it up from the dealer.  I rode approx. 100-150 miles last season without doing this.  Since there is snow on the ground yet, I am going to do a few more things to the bike, including greasing it before the upcoming year. Here is what I want to know...


1) Where are all of the recommended greasing spots on this bike.  I don't want to miss anyting


2) I have fairly limited mechanical ability.  You could say I was born missing my "fix it" gene!  Can the "Average Joe" do this kind of maintenance?  I did the mods myself, albeit they were easy, and I can change oil easily on it.  If you asked me to pull the motor I would look at you like I you had a third eye!! 


Thanks in advance. 



The main things you want to be sure to grease with waterproof grease are the linkage bearings, swingarm bearings, and steering head bearings.


They are all fairly simple to get to, just be sure to have a torque wrench and follow all the torque specs in your manual upon reassembly.

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