WR426 Kicker not retracting :(

Hey, everyone.  Long time lurker and first time poster here.  I was riding my WR earlier today out behind the house.  Just wanted to run some of the old gas out of the tank since I havent ridden in awhile.  Got a little carried away and came in too hot back onto the pavement and ended up laying it down, but only going about 5-10mph.  Picked it right back up, pulled the hot start, kicked and it started right up before quickly dying.  So I pushed the hot start back in and went to kick it a few more times.  Not sure if I had the decomp lever pulled or not, but the engine started after about 5 kicks and quickly jerked the kicker back up on its starting stroke before dying right away.  I went to kick again and now the kicker is stuck down and wont cycle properly.  I've moved it manually back up and the bike still has compression, but I am not an expert on this bike and would appreciate any and all input.  Thanks again everyone and hope to peruse this place more often now that I'm a member. 

The kick start return spring most likely broke.

The kick start return spring most likely broke.

Is that something that I can fix just by pulling off the right side cover or is it more involved than that?

Is that something that I can fix just by pulling off the right side cover or is it more involved than that?

should be able to change it by pulling the cover.

Been awhile since I posted here.  Moved to a bigger house so lots of things to take care of while my 426 was put on the back burner.  Finally was able to pull off the side cover today and do some investigating.  The kick return spring wasnt broken as we had suspected, which was weird and kind of a let down since I knew there was more work to do.  I just decided for the hell of it to try and turn over the motor with the side cover off and surprisingly, the kicker retracted.  I thought 'damn, I must have just jarred somehting loose when I crashed and I guess pulling the cover off kind of let everything move back to where it should be so I put the cover back on again.  Then I tried the kicker once more and same problem.  Gave it a kick and it wouldnt return.  So while it was stuck in the down position, I start loosening the side cover again to do some more investigating and as soon as I take some tension off the bolts and get them finger loose, the spring engages and returns the kicker.  So, now what the hell is happening?  My guess is that the side cover itself is tweaked somehow and its sideloading the kick shaft or maybe the seal/bushing inside the side case is sideloading it?  Any ideas?  Will try and attach a pic of the right side without the cover below, maybe that will help?

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heres the pics



Based on what you are saying & what you saw I would look real close to make sure that it wasn't physically rubbing or binding on the outside of the case or inside. If all that checks good I would look at the bushing inside the center case where the kick starter gear shaft sits and also the hole in the side cover where the splined goes through & the seal sets. This could be worn enough to allow the shaft to get out of alignment & bind. Just maybe this could be a problem??? Good luck.

I would remove the kick start gear and inspect it. Maybe when you laid it over you bent the shaft orwhen it kicked back and returned it maybe it broke the shaft. Ihave seen this happen on an old yz250.

Very odd, though a possible bent kick start shaft.

I just ordered a new oil seal and bushing for the side case. Hopefully that will help, I would really hate to have to pull the clutch off to fix this. Thanks for the advice, everyone.



it's been a long while since I've updated this post or even touched the old WR.  Sold the mustang a couple weeks back and picked myself up a Raptor, so I have the riding itch again (since I now have a means of getting it to the desert) and decided to tackle the issues the WR was having.  Pulled off the side cover yet again and dug a little deeper than last time.  Got the clutch basket off and found the little bastard that's been causing my kickstarter problems.





The ratchet wheel stopper and guide look to have been completely chewed up by ratched wheel's arm.  Happened right after I sideswiped a fence going pretty fast.  Had to drill out one of the screws but its all good now.





Ordered the parts.  Just thought I'd update.

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