05 and 08 forks interchangeable?

Hey guys, I was looking into getting a set of the SSS forks with the triple clamps off of an 08 450 for my 05 450. Will they fit? I assume the triple clamp will fit, but is the wheel spacing the same/ will the brake and fork guards bolt up? I'm sure there is another thread somewhere on here, but I havent found it.... Thanks for looking and the advice!

The triples will fit on your frame, and the wheel will bolt up, but the brake caliper was changed in '08, and you would have to convert to the '08 front brake parts or adapt your caliper to the fork.  The fork guards will not swap over.


The forks your '05 came with can be worked with quite well, and you should be able to get a good revalve done for about what the SSS fork cost you or less.

Good to hear. I've always had problems with forks being harsh, and a buddy suggested the sss fork. If I could get a revalve done to where they don't beat the crap out of me I'll be stoked. Thanks for the info.

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