Very nice gates

Our local State Forest aquired a number of nice looking gates this year. First there were restricted access signs. Then Open gates. Then locked gates with the signs attached directly to the gates. No fences just gates on the roads. Last weekend when I rode through I noticed that some of the gates had gone missing, unbolted from the treated plantation timber gate posts. The signs were still there lying on the ground. Somehow I don't believe that the rangers took them away!! Whoops!!!

Your tax dollars at work! That is typical of a government department head not knowing what to do. Just do something, even if it is wrong.

Is there anybody accountable in the State Forestry Department down there?

The Departments know what they're doing. All Forestries in this part of Queensland are being transfered to National parks and Environment Service. No more harvest of Native hardwoods. As the law now stands we have access to any made road in National Parks. The idea is to reduce the number of roads that access areas, in this case a plateau in the Forest, to eliminate loops that attract trailriders etc.. I suspect that 4X4 drivers stole the gates to maintain the track at least until the transfer is complete, if the track has road status at that time we may be able to keep it, if only for the bikes.

AH!!! I love the smell of Civil Disobedience in the morning!!

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