2006 WR450F build

How's it going everyone? I know there's already a lot of built threads up here, so I'll apologize ahead of time. Now I recently picked up an '03 WR450 and an '06 WR450. Both basket cases, '03 threw a rod and '06 threw fifth gear. I plan on building the '06 with the '03s parts. If anyone needs any parts, the '03 is completely disassembled, just let me know what you need. I live in Virginia.





I wonder how you break 5th gear like that.


Someone has talent.

Previous owner says it only had 3500 miles as well.

Looks like a fun project.  I recently aquired an 06 WR450 .  Initially I was not impressed but actually have started to fall in love with it.  Had to adjust my riding style to the strengths of the bike.  Have fun!!

Hey could you mail the fenders to NB ? Just wondering because I would send cash or any kind of payment. I had a shed fall on my bike this winter and am in need of fenders so I can make it street legal. Thanks

They aren't in perfect shape and the rear is off a YZ so no brake light cut out. If you want them and pay for shipping they're free.

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That would be awesome for me. Just looking for something to keep the dirt off my face and back lol. do you have a email I can contact you on?

Slowly coming along. I got the old main bearings out. Not as hard as I thought. Just had to get past the peened screws on the keepers and hammer the bearings out with a socket.



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Got snowed in today, got some dry ice, and installed some new HOT RODS main bearings. Also took some before and after freezing pics to show why it works. No heating just 15 minutes of freezing and they literally dropped in.





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It took some "resourcefulness" but I got the crank set into the left case. Then moved on to the gear set. Didn't take too long to get the gears, shift forks, and drum all lined, but what is kicking my a$$ is the shift pawl. I can't seam to find a decent picture of how it goes in. And I think the manual shows the plate upside down. I took a picture of how it sits now, if it looks right or not, let me know.






I got it all assembled, I was "in the zone" and forgot to take pictures. Any way everything went together pretty smooth. I got tons of info and good ideas from everyone's posts here. I installed a 2007 YFZ oil pump and squirter. Pretty easy and not too expensive for some peace of mind. Also picked up the penny wedged in the gears to torque a bolt down. After a long day of work it definitely wouldn't start. And it took about an hour to find two connectors mixed up. And as soon as I flipped them it started right up.










Also if you do wedge a penny into the gears. Old, all copper pennies don't work. Use a new one, otherwise this happens.


Today I went through the break-in process, as described in the manual. Starts with one kick, so far, every time cold or hot. The mods to the bike include a yz exhaust, ais delete, yfz oiler, JD jetting, zipty fuel screw, an o-ring on the accel pump, yz springs, yamalink lowering link, and pro taper handlebars. Greg wire is plugged in, stock cams, and the air box is still stuffed up. This bike screams, its a lot more responsive than my last 426. Now all I need is a helmet.


Once again I would like to mention that I have a bunch of parts from the '03 that I want to get rid of. Couple internal engine parts, bunch of nuts and bolts, all suspension, full set of yz plastics, gas tank, seat, air box, frame, sub frame, and the goose neck. I am sure I missed a few things, but I mostly need to get rid of these parts and am only asking for shipping costs otherwise giving most of this stuff away. Send me a message with what you want. Thanks.

Do you have a strait set of factory renthal bars? 

Do you have a strait set of factory renthal bars? 


No, but I do have straight set of moose racing tapered bars. It just has a ground down spot where the previous owner layed it down. It wouldn't affect functionallity, just an ugly spot that'll get covered with grips.

The more I think of it, there are a few more parts I am interested in. Let me know how much you need to ship them to California. I would like the clutch cover,the brake pedal and the aforementioned bars. Thanks. Awesome job on your bike by the way!

Nice build.
What was the cost of 2007 YFZ oil pump and squirter?
Installation need some machining, am i wrong?

Nice build.

What was the cost of 2007 YFZ oil pump and squirter?

Installation need some machining, am i wrong?

Thanks. I bought the oil pump for $76 and the oil nozzle and o-ring for $19 on boats.com. I am sure you're supposed have the machining done by a pro but I have some experience with machine work. I also bought a 5/16 and 7/32 drill bit and one milling bit. I use a drill press and a dremel. I followed the instruction on this site: http://www.yfzcentral.com/forum/37-tips-n-tricks/79028-diy-clutch-cover-oil-squirter-upgrade.html . if you have any other question feel free to ask. Edited by SAKs YAMAHA

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