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Would a fmf q4 be louder or quiter than a stock pipe on 2012 yz450. I never though I would consider buying a pipe for it cause I don't need more power and I like not having bike that obnoxiously loud for the occasional trail ride even thoug I do race mx but I would consider one if it was around the same db level as stock pipe. I would be interested in a pipe that would kind of broadin or smooth the power out but don't want one that's excessively louder than stock. Other option would be be stay stock and get gytr tuner. I could also not do any thing since I have no huge complaints as is but every body likes tinkering at least I do. Any advice experience thanks guys.

The Q4 should be a little quieter than stock, but the '14 might be as quiet.  Not sure.  The target design goal of the Q4 is reduced noise without a major power loss, not power improvement.


You will get a lot more from the stock pipe/tuner combo than the Q4, IMO.   Especially in terms of versatility.  The Q4 will give the bike one personality, the tuner, dozens.

Thanks gray that's exactly the info I was looking for.

I have the Q4 and Powertuner for my '11. The stock pipe was significantly louder. I ride off road only, use all the quiet tips and spark arresters and shortly after installing it dragraced a couple of bro'ed out CRFs with wide open pipes and beat both of them easily. Actually wheelied past them in Fifth gear would be more accurate.

Get the tuner, it's absolutely amazing what you can do to the engine with it. In terms of different personalities, you can tune the engine from DRZ sedate to screaming factory race bike. The last time I monkeyed with the powertuner and loaded very aggressive mapping just sitting at idle it sounded different and on the throttle it was insane.

Sounds like the tuner might be a worth while investment for me. I likes the idea if adjusting the power curve that was kind of my motivation for checking pipes out sounds like the tuner would be the beast route. I trail ride and race mx and the bike actually works as is with just a fly wheel weight but too adjust it for specific riding might nice.

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