Pro moto billet silent insert, your advice please.

Yesterday I went riding with a friend and my brother who rode the WR250. After 20 miles I was riding behind my brother and I notice that the titanium silencer was just falling apart.

The endcap was hanging out, only attached by one rivet instead of 8. The titanium sleeve had torn and was just a mess.

I won't get anything back under warranty, the exhaust falls under Silmoto MX range that doesn't have warranty....

So today I put the original YZF exhaust back on and this was a different bike, so much stronger, and so much snappier.

Now the question is what to do next? I was planning on buying an Arrow enduro exhaust but they're quite expensive...

I saw a banner on this site for the pro mot billet spark arrestor end cap and silent insert. They look good and way cheaper than getting a complete exhaust.

Who has this on their YZF?

The spark arrestor doesn't affect power I suppose?

What about the silent insert? I like the fact that with this combo I can ride loud where it's allowed and quiet when needed without changeing the complete exhaust.

I'm looking for advice on these product and how they affect power....

Spark arrestor is not needed in Belgium so I would just leeve the screen out.


I have a WR450 and run the pro moto billet silencer. It gives me more power than the stock insert, and looks better than the GYT-R insert. There is no power loss from the spark arrestor. I would recommend attatching it to the stock pipe if that is what you are running, but I think it doesn't give you as much power as a new pipe would.

Good Luck.

I'm running that setup on my WR426 and could'nt be happier :)

You will not regret doing it, you can really feel it in the mid and top end.

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