2008 yz450f new owner

I just bought an 08 yz450f last night. I bought it from an older guy who just wanted to ride with his son. It's basically showroom condition. Put an hour meter on it the day he bought it new in 09 - has 20.4 hours TOTAL on the bike. I paid 2500. Which, is more than I would have liked to spend on a slightly older 450, but seeing as I know the guy and know the bike. I couldn't pass it up. Here's a picture. I know it's blurry. I apologize.ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1393331532.829832.jpg

2500 for a true 20 hr 08 is a STEAL  nice bike any how ,you will want a slip on and a heavier (+9 oz) flywheel asap. unless you like massive engine braking 

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pic not working, but 2500 for a true 20 hr 08 is a STEAL nice bike any how ,you will want a slip on and a heavier (+9 oz) flywheel asap. unless you like massive engine braking

Yeah. I was planning on that. The guy also geared it lower a soon as he bought it with new sprockets and chain. He have me the unused stock setup as well. For some reason he put Michelin tires on it, while his stock tires were still 75-80% tread. He threw those in too. I feel like I got a really good deal.

That is a clean bike.  Yeah you definitly got a good deal.  Im in the market for another 450.  Bikes that clean seem to go more around the $3k range.  I wish I woulda never sold my white 09.

The reason he might have changed the tires is that the stock rear will go bald in ten hours or less, and the front will only hook up in one kind of dirt, found in only 7 places in the US. :thumbsdn:

Sounds like a great deal if all is accurate although that year yz was not highly rated I have always found Yamaha to make good bikes.

 that year yz was not highly rated


Really?  By whom, and on what basis?  The "shootouts"? 


The '08 was a significant improvement over the cornering nature of the '06-'07 models, which really need to be ridden back wheel first with the brake and throttle.  The suspension is among the best stuff that ever came on a stock bike.  The only downside was the power curve, which was 50% the fault of the cute little muffler they came with, and the other 50% the fault of the toned down ignition curve in the CDI.   Most any good slip-on (or a full system) and a CDI from an '06 (or an '04) will pretty much completely alter the machine's personality.


Overall, the '08 is one of the best Gen2 YZ450's ever built.


I bought a 08 in similar condition recently and choose the 08-09 because of their reputaion (finally handled, and same ole Yamaha reliabilty).


Nice buy! You will love it. +1 on heavy flywheel.

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