riding stabalizers

Most of the guys I have seen run WER or Scotts on the bottom clamp above the fender. Can this setup be run with our headlights?

I'm pretty sure the low mount will work, you may need to trim your front plate/headlight bracket slightly. If you have a YZ plate you have to put a hole in it.

Scott's lists the low-mount kit for all WRs, so I'm sure it is doable. You may call them and ask where/how the strut clears the WR's plate/headlight.

I have had both Scotts and RTT. In addition to the benefits described above of the RTT I would like to add another. It actually works better than Scotts. I have had both on the same bike and the Scotts worked well, but in some situations the bike was still a bit squirrely. I wouldn't have realized it without comparing it to the RTT. With the RTT, the bike is absolutely rock solid with zero squirrelyness.

Tom M

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