Broken drain plug?

Bought a used dirt bike & the drain plug at the back between the frame is broke off inside, what is the best fix for this??? Anyone had this problem? It's a 2010 yz450f. Wish it happened to the other drain plug as it's a lot easier to get at for extraction. With the frame in the way I'm not sure how to get this 1 out????

Remove the engine.  At least, it will be necessary to lift it out of its mounts and roll it forward enough for access. 

So I wouldn't have to pull the whole engine out than hey?

I wouldn't.  The radiators will probably have to come off, but I don't think much of anything else would have to be disconnected from the engine. 

Thanx for the quick info, I dropped it off at the shop & he said a day or so should be fixed, he's gonna call me in a bit with a price, hope it's reasonable. I don't thing I damaged the aluminum at all, think the plug broke before causing any damage. Here's to hoping anyway!!!!

Got it all fixed at the shop he just pulled motor mounts & moved engine forward just like u said, cost me $200 with fresh oil...

Lucky I didn't crack the case!!! It's all good now =)

Thanx for your suggestion bud!!!!

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