05 Headlight upgrade

Im looking into ugrading my 05 headlight to an 07+ or a 12+ style. I like the look of the 07 style a little better but like how big the light is on the 12. My bike is street legal so I would like whatever one would be brighter for the occasional night ride. I really want the blue mask/numberplate but the only color I can find for the 12 style is white from Yamaha. Does anyone make an aftermarket numberplate in blue for the 12+ light? The other thing is buying new from yamaha the 12+ light assembly is substancially cheaper from yamaha. I havent been able to find much for used in either style. Thanks in advance1

Highmark, I just upgraded my 04 to an 07 headlight. I found the best deal (with items in stock) was through rocky mtn atv in the oem section. I do not have any info for a 2012 light set up


Thanks dizzle


Ive been pricing them out there too. I'm not sure why the assembly is more for the 07 style $163 vs. $105 for the 12+ style. I might just deal with the white mask on the 12 style light and hope somebody eventually makes an aftermarket blue one since I do like the idea of the bigger light on the 12.

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