Removing the pea shooter?

When someone says they removed the pea shooter from the exhaust, are they saying they only drilled out the inner diameter of the removable tailpipe or took out the whole tailpipe section and replaced the end cap. Seems that the total removal of the tailpipe is better for removing exhaust.

Anybody running like this?

Lot cheaper than aftermarket muffler( free) if you don't mind the lbs.

The "pea shooter" is the innermost metal baffle that is rivited to the tail pipe. 


I've heard of people replacing the outer tail pipe with this -



Found this on a Google Search.  It is based on the previous model WR but I doubt that the oem muffler on the '12 is any different:



The stock exhaust pipe is incredibly quiet, and actually not that restrictive with basic mods. If your riding areas are anywhere near houses or picnic areas then it's well worth considering just doing basic mods to the standard pipe, and not bothering with aftermarket pipes that are inclined to shut down our riding areas. The first mod is to remove the end of the exhaust pipe, and remove the steel tube that reduce the diameter of the exhaust outlet. The WR is still quiet but considerable power improvement, so some riders just leave it at that (see photo here). Otherwise, you can trim down the length of the tube that goes back into the guts of the exhaust pipe. 

Next mod? You can buy the GTYR replacement exhaust tip which provides a wider diameter pipe for around $55. The bike will have a bark when cranked, but it still passes the 96Db stationary test. Plus you can always whip the stock insert back in if you need to ride in stealth mode near houses.

After that, you can either modify the internals of the stock pipe, or go for aftermarket pipes, but the WR will definitely be loud. One thing to consider, some guys simply like making lots of noise, but often the assumed extra power you are getting from aftermarket pipes is largely psychological - it sounds louder, so it MUST be faster. Dyno charts often show only a small increase compared to properly modified stock exhausts (plus unless you are in the top 1% of riders, extra power often makes you a slower rider except in a straight line drag).

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Thanks for the info

Do you know anything about wich front wheel spacer to use to remove the odo

I use gps. Don't need it

Very cool

Thank you

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