SFB Oversize Clutch Cover

I have a 2004 WR 450F with a SFB oversize clutch cover. I am having a hard time figuring out how much oil to put in the bike after an oil change. Stock is 1.1 liters or 1100 cc. With the oversize clutch cover I start out with 1250 cc, but sometimes I get clutch slippage. If I add a little mover 25-50 the clutch seems to work better. I was wondering if anyone else uses the same cover and advise their experience.

No extra oil at all is the right answer.  The WR/YZ450F is a dry sump oiling system, and oil is not carried in the sump/transmission area, so increasing the capacity of that volume will not add anything to the oil capacity.  If you drain from both plugs, then refill with 1.1L, then run the engine for a minute and check the stick, you'll find it still in the right range.

OK. If that is true. Why am I getting clutch slippage? I have new friction plates and spacers. The slippage happens when I am going low speed and feathering the clutch on hills or tight trails. Should I try adding the washers inside the springs as recommended on the other Post?

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