Any preference on big tanks? Just switching from XR628 to YZF426. Heading to Baja in February.

I just bought a Clarke tank. It is fairly slim and is as close to the stock tank feel you can get with a big tank. It also has two mounting brackets whereas the IMS only has one and always feels loose. The Clarke fuel value can be located on either side, so that's cool too. Oh ya, the Clarke tank is also over $50 cheaper as well.

I race moto, GPs, desert and enduros and I love the feel of the Clarke tank. It's worlds better than the bulky IMS equivalent.



If you consider 3.3gals a big tank, I like my Acerbis. The Ty Davis IMS tank I hear is good also because it carries the gas lower on the bike. Try a search on topic as I know others have posted their opinions too.

Good luck, :)


The Ty Davis is great except for three things.

1. You cant get to the choke or hotstart. You will need a remote hotstart kit.

2. Some aftermarket headers won't fit. Some that do come very close to the tank. I put reflective/foam heat tape on my tank near the header.

3. Although I don't have a problem with this, some guys complain about the single frame mounting bolt. I think it depends on if you have munched your radiators or not. Mine are intact and the tank is well supported by the single frame mount and the two radiator mounts.

I absolutely LOVE my Clarke!

It lowers the center of gravity and feels much lighter than my buddy's 400 w/IMS.


Plus the IMS (at least used to ....) have to have your petcock on the RIGHT SIDE and reach underneath to shut the gas off. Not to mention that on the right side the petcock would be facing FORWARD and the gas line would have to run OVER or around the front of the MOTOR!!??


Seems very inconvenient to me!

Plus IMS LIED to me!

When I ordered they told me it would be shipped right away then it was at the end of the wk then it was you are 4th on the list , then it was YOU ARENT EVEN ON THE LIST BUT WE WILL PUT YOU ON. Yeah #112th!

Take this 30% cert and shove it where the SUN dont shine!

Clarke had mine at my front door on WED when I ordered MON AM!!!

Now that is svc!



I also like my Acerbis tank. I got a little creative when I routed the fuel line. I used a tee instead of the Y that came with the tank. The only thing I thought was strange is that it only holds 3 gals. and not the 3.4 that they advertise. I did make 120 miles in Baja on a tank, and had one cup of gas left. One of our normal gas stops didn't have fuel that day, so I had to ride the 426 real careful on the second half of the ride. Good luck with your purchase as you won't be dispointed.

Baja Tortuga 99

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