Row 6, Seats 1-3...

Just orderd 3 tickets for round 6 of the supercross series for Indy. Section 109, Row 6, Seats 1-3, pretty nice seats at the landing of a big triple. I dont think I can wait a whole month!

Un fair, you guys don't know how lucky you are to be able to go to such big events.

Here in South Africa were lucky if we see the highlights of any of the AMA races on TV, even on DSTV they are few and far between

<font color=”red”>You guys can actually go and see them live!


You'll never be able to see anything on the other side of the track. I got my Atlanta SX tickets on the very front row of the first balcony. That way, every drunk redneck in a 3 state area can stand up during the races and I'll still be able to sit in my seat and watch perfectly.

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