Cheap speedometer

Wondering the price of a cheap dirt bike speedometer. I have a Yamaha and am not sure if make models make a difference thanks.

If your bike has a cable driven odometer you can use a JC Whitney universal speedometer.  I've used them on 2 bikes.  All Jap bikes use the same cable thread and same cable speed per mph.  You can get them from JCW for about $40, even cheaper on ebay.  

I was thinking it would be an electrical odometer or is that possible?

Trail Tech Vapor, about $90 or Endurance, $70.  Both digital and easy to install.  

Trail Tech Vapor, about $90 or Endurance, $70. Both digital and easy to install.

Awesome that's just what I'm looking for thanks.

Does your stock Odometer still work?

I don't have one I need the whole unit I believe

Installed the trail tech vapor on my 2004 wr450 this weekend, easy install. Takes about an hour or so. Works great!!ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1393901547.208202.jpg

I think that's the one I'll be getting. Thanks. Nice bike

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