reading old posts (gear box)?

I have achance to buy a yz426 for 4,000, but not sure what year 00 or 01. My main question is were just some of the 2000 yzf's having this problem or also the 2001's. The bike was raced, it alraedy has, all that you need on a bike. I'm pritty sure it is a 2000. Would that be a good deal or should i not chance any problems and go for the 20002? THANKS

In my opinion if you can afford it, go for the new stuff. Sure it won't have all the cool gadgets on it (yet), but so what. You'll have a bike with the latest greatest stuff from the factory and you'll know about every service item done on it. Something you can't say for a used bike.

If you can't, the 2000 isn't a bad bike (I own one). The counterbalancer on the 2000 is a keyed slot and the key wears out over time. If it isn't replaced before it fails, it can cause serious damage. In 2001 they fixed this by going to a spline drive which apparently lasts much longer. Also, they improved the clutch to eliminate some of the grabiness the 2000 model suffered from. That's an easy fix, $50 in parts and about 2 hours work if you've never seen the inside of a clutch before.

I'm sure there are other differences between 00 and 01 I'm forgetting about. $4000 sounds like a fairly good deal on an 01, if it was a 2000, I'd only buy it if it had low hours and was in great shape. Check for prices on similar bikes in your area to really see if you're getting a good price.

My $0.02,


01' and 02' also have Ti valves the 00' doesn't

The Ti valves do make a difference if you ride the bikes back to back! If you have the money get a new bike...if not the 00' sounds like a great bike!

A few people had tranny problems with 4th gear on the 00' model. I saw a guy at a local track on a 00' YZ250 (2 stroke) and he blew up 4th gear on his bike while I was watching him ride (and this was his 2nd time for it to happen :) ) He talked to Yamaha and they payed for everything the 1st time! Later,


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