08 YZ450 can't kick start (new bike to me)

Well I picked up a 2008 YZ450 the other day for super cheap. Guy that had it said it will push start and run perfect, but wasn't able to kick it over. Looked up what issues this might be and found the automatic compression release could be the culprit. I'm just wanting to know if this is a common problem with these bikes, and if an aftermarket cam chain tensioner would help it to not happen as frequently. Got the bike for a pretty good deal as clean as it is too....... any help is greatly appreciated.

i would check you valve clearances and don't ride it until you do. when they are out spec the bike usually becomes hard to start

That's what I've kind of read around is my exh cam is a tooth off or more on timing.

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Valve clearances, timing, and pilot jet/fuel screw adjustments first.

see grayracer513...it is actually a lot easier than you think.  the stock Yamaha manuals are actually excellent, so if you don't have one, get one :)

Thanks guys! I'll have to get a manual and go from there. Been reading quite a few forums on here. Sounds like it is a pretty good year for the YZ

I greatly appreciate all the help guys!! new to the forum and to Yamaha.

My 07 yz450 is doing the same thing my bike started first kick for the past we'll but now it won't kick over put it will pop start and run fine and it is a lot harder to kick anyone no what may be wrong

... it is a lot harder to kick


Cam timing.  Probably a stiff chain.

What can I do to fix that I was thinking make sure the time is lined up and check the tensioner

Yep. I pulled my valve cover checked that i was tdc. And my cams were off for sure!! Pulled cams changed chain and re installed everything. Started right up

I just did the same thing mine was off put it back together started 1st kick cold with no joke

What a relief that was huh!? My honda NEVER did that!! So I was stumped!

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