Yamaha wr450f Starter Motor slippping - not starting

Hi All,


New to the forum so please go easy on me :)


I have just bought a WR450 F last week but the e-starter is causing me problems.


When I try and start the bike the starter motor just sounds like its slipping and not turning the engine. Sounds really bad as the cogs are just grinding or it just squeals like a dying duck.


I have taken the starter off and it all looks well, the bushes are good and it doesn't look worn at all.


I had the bike running last week just about (well 1 min) but now the e-starter has been getting worse and won't even turn the engine over now.


I can't even get it runnng off the kick start.


I've been reading some other posts but not really found an answer.


Any comments would be great......



Is it new?



Thank you for your interest.


No its a 2004 and has been stood for about 2 years.


Not sure what the starter looks like, but in the automtive world, it sounds like the bendix drive is slipping.  The bendix is part of the teeth on the starter.  It work like a ratchet or one way sprague.  When the starter motor spins, it drives the starter gear outward towards the flywheel.  The teeth of the starter engage in to the flywheel and turn the engine over.  But when the engine starts, the starter teeth are still engaged.  That's where the ratchet or one way sprague comes into play.  When the engine starts and revs real high, the one way ratchet slips instead of the starter armeture spining too fast and possibly damaging it.  When the bendix drive wears, it will sound like the starter is just spinning.  Ot sometimes it will engage for just a second, then disengage.


With the starter in your hand, you should be able to rotate the starter teeth fairly easy, and not the other way without rotating the starter motor too.  If the starter teeth rotate freely in both directions, the bendix (starter teeth assmebly) are worn.


If so, you may have to buy the complete starter to get the bedix postion.


All the above only applies if you have the "automotive type" setup. 

It's a bad starter clutch. Theres no bendix on these bikes. It well need a new one way assembly.

It's a bad starter clutch. Theres no bendix on these bikes. It well need a new one way assembly.




Thanks for your reply.


Please could you expand a little, ie what parts I would have to buy and change to fix this problem.


I've googled round for starter clutch but not sould what to buy.


Thanks again

You need to rebuild your starter clutch system.

This is a common problem for bikes that don't start well, or with clutches that drag, and then trying to start in gear.

You friendly Yamaha dealer can help you pick the parts.





Disassemble and inspect,


You most likely will only need #7, but inspect the mating surface on # 6 for wear/damage


You will notice that #7 will have wear marks inside that are obvious, when you rotate the 'levers'.

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Thank you for your reply.


I'll have a look at the starter clutch and see if I can see any problems.


Do you think that there could be anything else I should check.


Cheers Ian

I would get the bike running and ride it some before I did anything. If it's sat for 2 years things might loosen up some after riding. If you can't start the bike without the estart this will be a good time to learn. Start by kicking the bike over easy ( with the choke on) about ten kicks. Then find top of stroke and kick hard. If that don't work repeat.

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