oil changes

just broke in my 01 WR426. Being a stickler for maintanance, when I got the bike, I bought extra spark plugs and oil/filters.

Never depend on the parts guy to know what you need. I ask for enought supplies to do 3 oil changes. I asked is that everything I need and he said yes. Open the manual and find that I need to replace with new, several "o" rings.

My question is how nessesary this is? Do they really need changing every time?

I suppose I get the part numbers from them and type them a nice list up for the next guy who asks for parts for a oil change and only get oil and filter.



01 WR426 WR timing, uncorked.

I've changed my oil a couple of times without replacing the "O" ring. Although, it's important that you inspect it for signs of cracking, tearing, stiffness, and for a bad shape. If any of these signs are present then replace. Furthermore, make sure that you do the proper procedure, in the manual, when checking oil pressure after you've changed the oil.

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