Locked front wheel

So here is the deal. I have a 2008 YZ450F. I was riding a trail that had a alot of deep whoops. I went down and after I cought my breath and picked up my bike I found the that the front wheel was locked. My riding budies and I made sure i didn't bend anything. We loosend the axle nut and the axle clamps. This helped a little but not much. We ended up loosening the bleeder screw on the front caliper and this freed up the front wheel. Then a few miles down the trail the front wheel locked up again. We did the same thing and relived the pressure from the bleeder screw. Once again it the front wheel freed up. this happend one more time before i called it quits. I don't know if the front wheel locked up before I wrecked or after. Could this be a brake bleeding issue or am I dealing with something bigger? If anyone has any idea that could help me troubleshoot I'm all ears.

A brake line can fail internally causing it to collapse inside and becoming a one way check valve not letting the fluid flow back up to the master cylinder after the lever is released. (keeping pressure on the caliper piston locking the brakes.)


happened to me once and it just happened randomly.


if you open the bleeder and the wheel frees up. order a new front brake line

That's a good idea. I was also wondiring if it could be a sicking piston in the caliper.

That's a good idea. I was also wondiring if it could be a sicking piston in the caliper.

if the piston is sticking, the wheel will still be locked when the bleeder screw is opened

I had installed a new brake lever before the ride ans yes it was the correct lever for the bike. The lever was broken when i bought the bike the week before. I removed the lever again to replace it with an ASV and got to looking at it a little more. I figured out that the plundger that runs from the lever into the master cylinder was installed backwards. The lager end was on the lever side. I turned it around. This should fix my problem. But I haven't had time to go ride since.

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