I can't get keeper out of valve seat

Hey guys I have a problem. I have the head off bike and I'm useing a socket with a magnet inside to get springs out abd everytime I push the spring in the valve moves with it. I watched it veing done like this on youtube am I doing something wrong? Thanks imfor your help!

Put something small under the valve like a piece of wood or something so it can't slide out

I screwed around with that trick for awhile. It won't work unless your magnet can rest on top of the valve stem mine was too big. I bought the tusk universal valve compressor and it works awesome!

Thanks travis I put a 4x4 piece of wood underneath and had to hit it a mallet to break it free. The head was shot I did that too so I'd be more hesitant to do that to a good head?!? Yea that video on youtube had to be from a brand new head because it was easier to push down bent valves rather than get it unstuck.

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