Spark arrestor?

I have a yoshi rs4 full system on a 2011 yz45o with the arrestor factory installed. My question is will I really gain any horsepower or torque by removing it? Or just a louder bike? I would like to believe it was engineered for peak performance the way it is. But people have told me otherwise. (Not really trustworthy sources) I ride %95 percent mx tracks so I really don't need it forest approved.

The spark arrestor in my DRD stainless system has no noticeable effect on either power or noise in my '06.  I leave it in all the time, as it's a requirement for desert racing, and I find very few bikes I can't pull on a flat, given an even start.

Thanks for you response. I've learned about the back pressure myth and thought it would be better velocity with it in. My 04 yz450 with white bros carbon pro was obnoxiously loud. Now I kinda like being able to creep up on guys....

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