2010-13 yz450 keep air boot cleaner

This is just a cheap simple trick but I found it helps keep the boot cleaner. I have noticed dirt/sand still finds a way into to intake boot. I use electrical tape and cover the seems on the inner filterImageUploadedByThumper Talk1393796590.385394.jpg I have noticed the boot cleaner on recent teardowns. Hope this helps. Have a good ride!!!

hmm, I never thought of that. im going to tape mine up also

Do you grease the lip of your filter. I did last summer and it made a mess of the air box and was almost impossible too clean off of the the metal frame on the air box but I I'm a little nervous not too. By the looks of it you don't because of how clean the edge of your air box is unless you have found a better method too clean it than i have. I use no toil cleaner filter oil and filter grease for the edge. I should mention I never really saw Any dirt inside the boot witch is most important but I actually took my air box off the bike just too scrub the edge I would love not too grease the lip but but don't know if that's a good idea

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I hate greasing the filter and never will. To clean inside air box i use simple green rags and q-tips. Also last time I removed it I disassembled air box and used gasket maker on all the seems.

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