Uncorked and only runs with choke on?

The legend of the dogfood bike continues!

Just helped my friend uncork his 2001 XR650R and install a Trick DS kit. Used a 175, HRC needle at 4th pos. and HRC needle clip, 68 (not s) pilot, drilled baffle. Also trashed the smog stuff with an Applied blockoff kit. Anyway, started it up, and the bike ran horribly, where it would only start with the choke on, and wouldn't idle (had to keep blipping the throttle to keep it alive). Then after warmup, it would want to die when ridden on the street, and the second the choke was turned off, the engine would quit. Searched old posts, and didn't see anyone with problems this bad. Could it be the needle is in the 4th pos, not third? Also, the wierdest thing was that the bike would only start with the pilot screw at 2 turns or less, which doesn't seem to make sense if it runs better (if at all) with the choke on. We are at sea level, in the desert (70 degrees).

On a side note, the TDS kit wasn't working either. Wonder if bad wiring on our part could be affecting the bike? :)

Did you remove both of the airbox restrictors? Did you also install the new non-EPA intake or cut out the stock one so it's not restricted?

Ooops, forgot. Both restrictors removed, and insulator was replaced with the honda part.

It runs better with the choke on because you probably have an air leak somewhere. Putting the needle in the 4th position will not cause this problem. The air screw should be left alone unless you have a shop manual and the equipment needle to properly adjust it. But it doesnt need to be adjusted to begin with.

At sea level with a 175 main jet, B3E needle in 3rd position, with 40mm intake boot, airbox baffle plate and snorkel removed, and 40mm HRC exhaust tip installed, the bike will run perfectly and super strong, with no change in pilot jet or air screw. Once again, check for an air leak between the carb and cylinder, or in the block off thing. I dont know about the block off kit because I'm in Tx. and the bikes don't come with smog pumps or whatever it is. Good luck with it!

If you have propane torch around, then fume the intake area with proane when the bike running and if the idle speed increases, then you've got an air leak. Those jet should be good enough to get you going good enough. The fact that you have to have your choke on indicates the bike is running too lean and that's why I'm thinking about an air leak.

Make sure to turn up your idle speed enough. It should be at 1,400+ RPM.

Hehe! smashinz2002 beat me to it while I was typing the same thing :)

Yes it does sound like an air leak. One thing not mentioned is the vacunm plugs in the intake. I had problems with mine. The darn thing split and fell off right away so I removed the barb and pluged the holes.

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