Clutch problem 2006 yz450f

Hey guys thanks in advance for helping, what part or parts would cause a dirtbike to skip/sputter as you slowly let the clutch out so I can buy everything I should. Riding is fine it's only starting out slowly. New springs, plates and steels already installed.

Do you think it could have anything to do with your transmission?

Not sure really It shifts fine and pulls hard. It's just for a brief second right as you let the clutch out in 1st gear. I hope it's not. I don't know much about the transmission honestly other than I'm pretty sure I don't want it to be that

Considering your new plates, one possible cause is that the cushions in the clutch basket may be shot.  If the basket can be rotated on the gear assembly at all, any free slack, they need to be replaced. 

It did move back and forth the slightest bit. So thats it? Replace it? Anything else while I'm in there. Thanks again for all your help

"By the book", you'd have to replace the drive gear/basket assembly, but a Hinson basket (or similar) is less expensive, and you can buy the replacement cushions as a set from the same company the upgraded basket comes from.

Ok. Can i ride it at all?


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