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For Sale or WTB Information and Guidelines

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The purpose of this thread is a heads up of sorts.  This is meant to clear up questions about buying or selling on the forum and site.



No for sale posts/threads, trades of any kind, WTB / wanted posts/threads or e-bay links for an item you are selling are allowed.  They will be deleted.


There is a classified forum on this site for these listings. http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/



This is done to help searching the forum. WTB or for sale threads clog up your search results.  The classified ads are searched separately and expire in 30 days.



For sale, trade  and WTB items can be added in your signature line with PM for details.  This is permitted.  All transaction details are to be handled by PM's only.



Business or commercial listings in signatures or threads are not allowed without administration approval.  They will be deleted.


They should contact administration to become "Insiders" and to find out more details. 


"Insiders" are businesses or members that support the forum and site.  They can create threads, reply to posts and have links or ads in them.


There is a TT Sponsors forum also.  Here is a link,  http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/343-tt-sponsors/  I recommend following it. 

They list specials, preview new items, have discount codes and more.  Just click "follow this forum" for updates.



If you see any threads or posts that violate the above information click report and submit it for review.  Moderation or administration will handle it from there.  They can't read everything, so your help is appreciated.



Thanks for reading this.  The goal is to provide an easily searchable forum and site for everyone's enjoyment.

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