Saw first Hare Scramble

This past weekend I went to Antietam Motorsport Park in Hagerstown, Maryland. First, let me say that I was pissed that I did not have my bike with me. Second, let me say that I have got to do these this summer. I had a lot of my questions answered at the park yesterday, but I have a few more that I hope you guys can help me out with.

1. How does the point system work? Do you only accumulate points for the district you are assigned? Can you only race in your district?

2. What are the AMA rules for number plates. I noticed everyone had a card on the bikes that had a number. I am assuming that in the Hare Scrambles that is your number and it does not matter what is on your number plates. Is that a correct assumption?

3. I did not catch the very start of the race. I was told they start you out in waves based on the different classes. Does that mean that all age ranges and bike sizes for a particular class start together? Also, the quads started with the engines off. I am assuming the bikes are running at the start, but I just figured I would ask.

4. How do you determine your class (A,B,C)? Do you just start out at the lowest and they move you up if need be? I am assuming again, but it seems that you could move up and not down.

Thanks in advance for your help. Now I have to go and get in shape for a non-stop 2 hour, full tilt ride.

Dude! I want to go down to Hagerstown this coming year and run one of those hare scrambles...I need a terrain change!!! If it's anything like Budd's Creek's Hare Scramble course, it should be a blast and a half!! Our Pine Grove course is very flat, not alot of TIGHT TIGHT woods...

To answer some of your questions....

1)Points...not entirely certain, I never worried about them actually...even though I generally finish in a good points position.. BUT - I believe your points are only good in your district (example...if I ran at hagerstown, (DIST. 7), I wouldn't get those points added to my Dist. 6 score {{Is this correct anyone else??}}. SO, since I am a Dist. 6 racer (Harrisburg/Hershey PA residing), I CAN RACE ANY DISTRICT I WANT. You only need a district card for your residence.

2)I do think there are number plate rules....but come on, don't worry about them. I am Dist. 6 hare scramble # 523 (May 23), but I don't worry about my plate. I run factory white backgrounds with black numbers and the jazz...who really cares in the amateur levels.

The track assigns you a number at the race. This is the number they use to identify you. Each number should have a range, which is associated with a class. Ex...#'s 101=199 are 125B; 201-299 are 125A, 301-399 are 4-strokes, and so on. Those numbers are not accurate, only an example.

3) You are started in waves, depending on class. Each number segment will start by itself, generally about a 30 seconds apart or so.

Also, it is a dead engine start. Yamaha 400/426 riders can curse this sometimes. You must kill the engine, and stand in front of the bars. Just leave the kick starter out, (if you need a drill to start (YZ's), prep it so you only have to KICK when you sling the leg over). When they give you the go, just dance around the bars, sling your leg, kick, and DUMP the clutch. For some reason, hare scrambles like to see who can START the fastest, not ride the fastest. :) You can enter in the Open A,B,C (if available), Age defined groups, or the 4 stroke class with a 400/426. My dad has a 426, he runs Open B, or 40+. I have a 520, I run Open B. Yes, you may have 2 strokes in those classes, which could give you a definite disadvantage off the start if you have trouble starting a 4 stroke. You ARE NOT LEGAL IN 250 CLASSES. About the dad made a 5" high wooden box, that he puts right at his left peg for the start....he jumps on it, then kicks, and goes. Just ask a spectator or the starter guy or someone if they can move the box for you then. :D

4) Just start in any class. I do believe you CANNOT move down, since you need to have a district 7 (maryland) card, that is punched with the class you enter. THis is your skill level class. You cannot go below that level. Hey, if it's only for one race too, no biggie...just don't go sitting in the C class 5 weeks in a row, lapping everyone, and taking an easy win, you know? It's just so discouraging for us slow dumbys. :D

THere you go!

My tips....

1) CARRY WATER WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (camelback, or other hydration system. I use a CamelBak GO-BE. It goes around my waist, and doubles as a kidney belt! It IS restrictive of helmet movement, and holds my chest protector higher, but it doesn't bother me.

2) Depending on your may be able to go the full 2 hours without refueling. I have gone 9 laps here at Pine grove, with just about 1/8 of a liter of fuel left (it just fills the nubby feet and about a 1/4 inch of a standard 2 liter coke bottle!!!!!) Plan a fuel stop, and get your fuel there well in advance.

3) Someone with a pit board giving you the time helps.

4)HAVE FUN AT IT!! It's not a motocross race, this is the real freakin deal. PACE YOURSELF. Not bonking, staying on two wheels, and keeping your bike running are the key points. When I won my race, it wasn't because I was the fastest (although that day I was hooked up, I guess winning a motorcycle gets you groovin), but the guy I was dicing with for the lead KEPT GOING DOWN. He was slightly faster, but he kept crashing, and that tired him out and let me get the win.

If you can go to a MX practive track, and ride, pushing it, NONSTOP, for about 2 hours, you will do fine. My dad and I always ride almost literally nonstop at a track for close to 2 hours, or until we run out of fuel.

I have never seen the course at Budd's, but there were some elevation changes. Nothing too drastic, but enough to keep you from getting bored.

Thanks for all the information, this will help a lot. I can't wait to get out there, hopefully in March.

one more thing. I have an AMA card, how do I go about getting a district card?

Thanks again

They should have a sign up for district licences at the race. Ask at sign up! You will be able to run, they will assign you a temporary number.

Thanks again!

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