Advise about 02 yz426f

Just got an opportunity to buy an 02 yz426 but I don't know much about them. I currently have an 03 rm250 but wouldn't mind getting a 4 stroke too. It's from the original owner who has taken care of it and is only asking a grand from me because we work together. Just wondering if it's worth it and if I should pull the trigger. Is there any thing I may need to know about them to help me make a good decision?

Great bikes! My 01 is still one of my favorite bikes! Check the valve clearences if it hasn't been done lately and ride the piss out of it!

Great bikes! My 01 is still one of my favorite bikes! Check the valve clearences if it hasn't been done lately and ride the piss out of it!


+1 on that.I still have an 02 that iv'e had near 10 years, and it still starts easy even when left for months.

Bit heavy compared to more modern bikes, but been totally reliable.

Hi all, new to the boards.  Been riding since 07, just today picked up my first dirt bike, 02 yz426.  Im still searching the boards, but if any 426 owners have and want to share the manual, that would be awesome!
Thanks!  Looking forward to getting dirty!



I picked up a 98 YZ400F back in July 13. It came with the hotcam and I shimmed it, replaced the timing chain and swapped the Carb for a 2007 YZ450 from eBay. It kicks like a two stroke and starts easily. I think for this bike and the 426 getting a hotcam and newer carb are great upgrades. I love my bike even tho it is a bit heavier (30lbs) than a newer YZ450 but I only have $900 total in the bike right now. I have had it in the desert, woods, track and I am having a blast on it. If it blows up I really don't care. I also like the fact that it really is a classic - this is the bike that changed the world of dirt biking - and racing as we know it today (thanks also to Doug Henry).


If you could pick up a single owner 426 in good shape for $1,000 I'd do it. I suppose you also need to make sure he took good care of it replacing the oil 6-10 hrs and keep the air filter clean. Good luck!

I had an 02 yz426f before i bought my 08 yz450. The 426 was a great bike. Just as fast as my 450. The biggest draw back is starting the thing. Other than that checking the valve clearance but you should do that on any four stroke. You'll love the four stroke. I say buy it thats a really good price.

Love my '01.... never has it left straned.

Hey i just bought a 1999 yz400f valve cover gasket has a leak needs new one still unbelievable compression compared to my 2strokes so needs a mew vavle cover gasket and a kill switch dont work idk why also need rear brakes bleeded and rear sproket picked up for 700$ think i dod good ? And should i keep ? Thanks

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