RR- Little Sahara and an apology

I spent the weekend out at the dunes at Little Sahara in western Oklahoma. This was my first trip there and will definately not be my last. That was one of the best trips I've ever been on. You haven't lived until you powerslide up and around those dunes tapped out in 5th... wow! The jumping was a little harder than I expected, or maybe just different. I was real conservative the first day doing 40-50 footers while the others I was with were doing 90'+. The second day I did finally figure it out and I was in there with them, but it still felt very much different than jumping on a track.

And I think I owe you race gas users an apology. I have been the world's biggest critic of race gas, always saying that if you don't need it for your $30,000 pickup why would you need it in a $5,000 bike. I tried it out there and I hate to admit it but you guys were right, I was wrong. I've never experienced such a performance boost from something so simple as changing gas... They were selling it at a pump at a local gas station so I decided to spring for the $5 a gallon stuff. Wow, what a difference it made, my bike never ran better... I will be using race gas at moto's from now on.




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