Moody 450! wont start after trailering...

My 2003 yz450 has been the best bike ive ever owned. I pull it out of the shed sitting for a month and three kicks shes good to go. If its warm it starts first kick nd i mean every time. cold or hot it starts great.. UNTIL.. last time i went out i got it out of shed started it rode it in the street and stopped and went again no biggie. I ramped it on the pickup and strapped it down like I always do, get the bike out to the track and thing wont start for crap. I tried a huge hill and popped th clutch made a bogging sound. I eventually got a quad.. to tow it on the raod and roll start it took a while. It has done this once before and then this time in the year ive had it. Anyone got any ideas?? is it just flooding out from the drive. any help is appreciated races start next week and dont wanna be that guy.

Do you valve the gas off for towing? How does the spark plug look?

Jet rattle out?

It sounds like your flooding the carb.  First try shutting off the gas valve before you tow it.  Secondly if that doesn't work drain the carb then flip the valve on and try to fire it up.  When my little brother crashes on the trail and the carb gets flooded all i have to do is get it upright, turn the gas off and lay it back down to let all the gas drain out of the carb, right it flip the gas on and it fires right up first kick.

I didnt turn the gas off when I towed.. I think thats the winner. Makes sense since it only did it a couple times I bet I forgot to turn it off the other time as well. Thansk guys will try that this weekend! I let yall know.

Yep when you do that you are flooding the carb.  In case you ever forget to just do what I said.  I used to make the same mistake. 

wellllll, bad news it wouldnt start again after pulling her out of the shed. I kicked and kicked and kicked. Alot of the kicks would make a soft backfire sound, it was loud but not too loud. Tried to roll start down drive way and just gargled the whole way. It is cold out now about 40 degrees. I live in oklahoma where its snowing one day and 80 the next day. I have not rejetted since summer, it has ran fine all winter. I dont know whats going on, but Im going to clean the carb, change the plug, I should check the valve clreances but have never done it myself. I have on my girlfriends ttr but that was easy it was just a nut. Let me know what you guys think!

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