YZ seat wanted

Recently broke my seat, if anyone has one for sale let me know.


I recently got a taller seat foam and cover for my '00 426, so have the stock foam and cover if you're interested. If you are, you can email me at: TawmN@aol.com


ONE also makes a complete seat kit, and it sure beats putting a cover on an old seat. I think it sells for around the same price as the SDG.

TheBOS I got a mint original '99 YZ400F seat cover, I can send it to you to anywhere in the US for 40.00 including shipping and handling ! The seat is in mint condition and the color is all YZ Blue !

Hope this help guy ! :)

Thanks, I know SDG sells a complete seat, that's what I broke. I am just checking to see if anyone has anything for less $.

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