Subtle change

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1394204853.701359.jpg

What do you think

Looks like mine with a white fenderImageUploadedByThumper Talk1394207263.055466.jpg

But then it got dirtyImageUploadedByThumper Talk1394207353.038142.jpg

Needs more Skulls and Flames.

Your gonna put your eye out, or burn your pants. :naughty:

I like it a lot! I like white. I like black too. I like that you moved a WR away from looking SO blue.


May I learn more about what you actually did here? Where did all the plastic pieces come from? UFO?


Are they all sold as WR pieces, or did you use YZ and/or other pieces?


And finally, what headlight is that?


Is that the stock tank?


I think what you did looks great! I'd ride it just like that. I'm not much for stickers. I think stickers almost always take it over the top.


But with that said, and chatting only from a design and "what if" perspective, I wonder what you could do with stickers? I wonder if you could make it look even more "factory sharp," and not all "race sponsored" out. I have no idea what's available in the area of graphics kits.

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Removed all stickers and ordered a UFO fender for a wr. Might do a all black seat and call it good.

Well, when you see me on the trail you might notice that my bike looks just like yours. If you accuse me of copying you, I will lie, and say that I've never seen this post!


At which, you will say, "Post? Did I mention a TT post?" I will know I'm caught, and the only way out will be to make a run for it! But because I offended so, by copying your bike, you will chase me down.


We will ride through the California desert, the Rockies, and the forest of Oregon all in one day. Our bikes will be thrashed. Plastic will be missing.


This time I will post first on TT, but this time I will do a black plastic version of what you just did. Same blue accent at the radiator scoops. Same all black seat. My guess is that it will look good, but I don't think it will look as good as the white version.


You will laugh at my black bike. I will be angered. This time I will chase you down.


Hey, I still want to find out what headlight you used. Is it stock? Is it UFO?


Sorry for the excessive and the noob-level questions, but what year is your WR? I'm gathering that this year came with a white headlight bezel. Am I correct? Last question. I promise. (For now anyway.)


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