Help with bleeding brakes

Putting a brake switch on my bike, I know how to bleed brakes and am sure there is no air in line. Bike is brand new. My problem Is I can not build any pressure with the brake pedal. What gives?

That is the coolest damn bleeder tool I've ever seen

I had to recently replace a rear caliper and I used my car caliper spreader tool,
Wound the piston right out and just left the tool in place, so there is no give in the system,
Took a couple of pump and locks but spot on, no messing.

Get a big syringe and a short piece of hose that fits the bleed valve.  Put teflon tape on the bleed valve threads.  Pump in fluid from the slave cylinder and tap on the brake line to dislodge bubbles.  Works every time for me.  

Found a post from grayracer about bleeding at the banjo, work great!! Thanks gray

Rear Brake? Yup, that's where the bubbles hide.

Yes rear. Why can't you pump them out?

Yes rear. Why can't you pump them out?


Because, as I said in the post you said that you read, the banjo bolt on the rear master is a large enough volume to allow an air bubble to sit and watch fluid flow past it, and it's obviously the high spot in the system, so air is going to go there and get stuck.  Bleed in a normal manner until it looks like no more air is coming from the bleeder, then burp the banjo fitting once, and you should be done.


Sometimes if you push on the rear brake caliper which pushes the piston back in it moves the air bubble back through the master cylinder.


Kinda bleeding in a reverse direction.

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