My new Asterisk kneebrace

I just thought I'd right a little something obout my opinions on this product. I don't work for them, I'm just very happy witht the product. These braces are AWESOME!! I've ridden the past two weekends with them and love them!! As for comfort, after about 5-10 minutes I don't even realize I'm wearing them. They are nice enough that I sit around the truck or camp with them on cause they don't bother me. I bought mine straight from Brad at the factory. He took me on a tour of the place. They are in the same building as Inovation Sports (CTI2). I was able to strap on the Asterisk on one leg and a CTI2 on the other (that was relatively close to my leg) and I liked the Asterisk better. It has a better knee cup then the CTI2. I have had ACL reconstruction and Meniscus repair in one leg 8 years ago and currently have torn cartiledege (sp?) in the other. I can tell these braces are working cause I have no pain in my injured knee while wearing them. As for the lace up system it works real easy. You make a couple of initial adjustments the 1st time you strap on the brace. After that each time you put the brace on you just clip the 2 straps on and then bull the laces tight like you would in the riding boots that have the lace system in them. The braces come with a liner to wear under the brace. They also come with extra pads of differnet thicknesses to choose from since it isn't a fully custom brace. I would have bought this brace over the CTI2 even if it was more because I honestly liked it better then the CTI2 but luckily it's approximately 1/4 of the price ($549 a pair). Email me if you have any other ?s. If you want to check them out look at or

Below is a copy of an email that I sent to Brad Freeman at Asterisk. He is awsome to speak with and will give an excellent opinion/comparison of their brace to any other on the market.


Well, I survived the weekend! I didn't crash so I guess I didn't have the opportunity to truly test the braces (darn!!) but my first impression is great. The right one gave me no problems at all and after 10 minutes or so of riding I forgot it was even on. The left one was pinching at first. The lower buckle on the upper strap was digging into my leg when bent. I pulled it up about 1/2 an inch higher and it became obvious that I just didn't have it on in the right location. I rode with the extension limiters set on the 2nd dash mark which was fine while riding and when walking with them I could tell it wasn't letting my leg fully extend. It was definitely nice to not rush back to camp to take them off as fast as I can. I had no problem sitting around camp relaxing with them on. Sat. I rode with full pants. My riding pants unzip into shorts which is awesome for hot days like yesterday. Riding in shorts yesterday the brace did wear through my tank decals. I've heard this is common with all braces though. Do you guys have any ideas to fix for this or is that next years model? :) I am going to try attaching a pad to the area on the brace that rubs the tank and see how it works. If this works I'll put on my extra set of tank decals that they accidentally shipped with my sticker kit and call it good. Then I'll patent my padding idea and sell it to you guys. (Okay maybe not!) Seeing as how I do ride with shorts a lot do you know how the hinge will react to dust and dirt? Also I saw the cleaning/care recommendations but what do you suggest for the hinges if they do get full of dust or packed with dirt from a crash wearing shorts? I already have one friend that's interested in buying a pair. Another guy that I'm meeting at the track this weekend definitely wants a pair, he's just waiting to see a pair in real life which will be next weekend. Anyways, thanks for all the help and excellent service you guys have provided me and for developing a product that seems awesome so far. I'll definitely recommend this brace to anyone showing interest and hope you guys and your product have a successful future with Asterisk.




When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

I saw the thread on DRN and just got off the phone with Brad Freeman - I'll second Khris' kudos to Brad. I had some specific questions about how the Asterik differs from my CTI2 and how this will/will not solve the problems I have with my CTI2. He answered my questions & even offered some tips on how to make the patella cup work with the AMS strap on my CTI. He is also sending me a couple of the 'socks' to wear under the brace to prevent chaffing.

I have not yet decided to purchase as pair of the Asterik braces - I have to check on the re-imbursement from my health care spending account. Just wanted to share a positve experience with a vendor.


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