Anahiem SX results...partII

happens in nascar all the time...

i dont think it will hurt the sport

(abc hardly showed it anyway if you blink you miss the after race takeout)

Goose was clearly faster on that last set of whoops but ya have to wonder about his line choice..yes there was some room but not much between the 250F & the hay bails...

the 250F kinda veered left & goose plowed him

Funny thing is Goose took out Bubba in the whoopes earlier ... he bobbled just enuff & bubba was on his tail & hit goose's rear with his front & whammo instant soil sample.. total accident but then again Thou Shall Not Follow ..LOL ...

Bubba's endo was clearly his fault. Although he was extremely fast on that line, it doesn't do any good if there is someone slow ahead of you on the same line.

As for Thain, I think he got screwed. Personally I think he should be able to meter your temper a little better, but going from 1st to 5th on the last lap sure sucks. Thain clearly had the line and goose should have gone elsewhere or slowed down. I did have a good chuckle about the winner. It took him a long time before he found out he won. Poor guy, didn't even know to do a victory jump!


I couldn't disagree with you more on the Thain incident. He didn't "clearly have the line", in fact he was floundering a bit and drifted into goose's line. He could here goose coming (if you've ever raced you know what I'm talking about) and either intentionally or unintentionally drifted which caused goose to drill him. Goose was blitzing the whoops with a near perfect run at them and would have taken himself out attempting to slow down (once you get on top of the whoops stay there!) to avoid Thain. I was there and those whoops were beating the hell out of the 125's to the point they were barely rolling at the end of the whoop sections to get out. All the more reason to pin it and hang on. Think for a moment......who in their right mind would try a take out move in the whoops????? NOBODY!

I've got my eye on that little frenchmen. I've seen him on several occasions out at Perris, Comp, and Elsinore. If he doesn't straighten out, I'll be forced to take his front wheel out, hold him down, and give him the spanking his parents never gave him. When he's done crying I'll stuff a german sausage in his big mouth to remind him us americans watch out for each other. :)

(any perceived condescending tones, nationalism, outright bullying, dislike for Thain, and heartburn for having to save Thain's relatives from the germans, is purely coincidental and isn't how I truely feel :D

It's both they're faults, Goose screwed up and blew a sure win, Thain was handed a win and blew it. Thain was given the lead went brain dead and screwed himself in the whoops then drifted left, Goose paniced because he gave the lead away grabbed a hand full of throttle and was trying a hail mary pass in the whoops, he was clearly wide open and there was no place for him to go at the last min. when Thain drifted. I really think the T-bone was uncalled for.

Thain was fined $1,000 and put on permanent probation.

My favorite part of the race was when Bubba blew by Pingree over a jump and whipped it sideways towards Ping.

If you watch on the TV coverage when Ricky and LaRocket are riding near each other you can see how drastically lowered the rear end of Ricky's bike is compared to the other Hondas. MXA says that he is running 5 inches less travel in the rear... I don't know if it's working... he crashed in the same spot, same way earlier in the day during practice. Also, when the two of them were running together RC didn't have anything for LaRocco, it looked like LaRocco was just cruising along looking for a nice safe time to make a clean pass on RC.

Any of you folks that were there live....On the ABC coverage, after the 125 main it looked like Thain rammed/speared Gosslear(sp?)for the mishap in the whoops section. I thought it was a little unsportsman-like, but ABC didn't show enough of it to get any read on it. Did you folks see it and did it turn out to be a big deal ? Just curious and maybe I misread the whole thing with the limited coverage they had.

we are talking about it in the 250F forum (see Thain can START his bike)

it was real and it was not a good thing for the sport.

he got fined $1000 for that little stint.


I'd like to know who can hear a 125 2smoke over the roar of their 250F in a stadium jam packed with 40,000 people all cheering. I've never raced before but I've been on tracks with other people and I've had plenty of riders pass me that I didn't know were coming. And yes, I have had my hearing checked. Also you mentioned that he was floating due to a bobble, so even if he heard him coming he obviously wasn't able to correct.

So what if he drifted. People drifted over those all night long. If you watch them as they enter the whoops before he drifts, there still isn't much room to the left. Then, when he saw Thain floundering a bit, why didn't he back off? You say he would've gone down? So what's his reasoning, if I'm going down, I'm going to pin it and smack Thain as hard as I can so he comes with me? Or did he think, maybe if I pin it I can get by him before he gets any further left? Either way it was a bad call resulting a 2 rider crash.

I think Thain was justified in what he did. I'm also glad he got fined. Personally, I would have marked the guy for the next race and made sure no matter what that I finished ahead of him. That would be my way of getting back at him.

The verdict is in,

After 10 reviews in slow-mo it was clearly Thain's fault. The lap just prior to the collision goose passed a Suzuki rider in exactly the same line as Thain, with the same amount of room without contact. If Thain hadn't bobbled and drifted it would have been a spectacular pass. In real time you cannot see that goose tried to veere right at the whoop before to miss Thain (that's why he exited so far right from the bike). In slow-mo it's crystal clear.

It was a very unfortunate incident.

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