Anyone rebuild/revalve 2012 wr rear shock?

Ordering a new spring for the rear shock, so I figure I may as well grab a gold valve and set my valving up at the same time.....hoping to get a couple questions answered as the manual just says to toss the shock if you don't like it...ha. I have enough experience rebuilding shocks and i don't see why I would have any issues....

- does this shock use a seal head? Or a stand alone seal? Racetech shows a seal part so I'm assuming the latter.

-by looking at the reservoir cap I assume I will use the motion pro needle setup I purchased for adding nitrogen?

-is the correct process for bleeding the existing nitrogen simply to insert the needle and let it bleed out? (I ask because the raptor shock I originally used this on didn't need any bleeding as the nitrogen had displaced itself which caused the rebuild in the first place)

-anyone have a good baseline for the nitrogen fill?

You may get more responses asking your question in the suspension forum.

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Ill respond here as maybe this will become a resource for the future.  Worked with racetech as I did not see a response from this, nor the thread I started in the suspension section...


The factory shock on the 2012 (and I assume 2013) have the following details:


-easily serviceable seal head (if any of you have rebuilt ones with dual circlips then you know what I mean)

-nitrogen needle reservoir cap(tool available for $15 from motion pro or new cap with schrader valve from  race tech for $50)

-recommended PSI is 175lb



other than that it is typical.  my new parts are on the way so ill hopefully remember to get some pics up for anyone in the future. 

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