Linkage Spacer Issue

So I was changing my linkage bearing (on the triangular linkage) pressing old bearing out and I ended up damaging the lip where the washer and seal seat. The socket gouged the surface pretty good. I tried to clean up and then I pressed the new bearing in. Everything went smoothly, I got the new bearing in but no I cannot get the spacer in . The little needle bearings seem to be catching on the spacer. Any suggestions? Are both of these the same size, as far as I can tell both of them on the linkage triangle piece are the same. Is it possible I did enough damage to cause the spacer not to go in due to issue with the bearings?

first take all of the needles out of the race and feel with your finger where the needles were riding on, and make sure it is smooth all of the way around. if its smooth you most likely have a problem with the tube insert. if the race has a spot in it that you can feel, you need to get a new bearing and you may have damaged it during install, (I have done this before).


if you call the bearing Co. they are usually pretty cool with sending you a single bearing even if you bought a kit.

I will take a look at the race and see if there is an issue. I think I probably messed the bearing up putting it in, Initially when I tried to press the bearing out the socket was too large and I ended yielding the material on the lip. It was a really bone headed move on my part and probably is what lead to the bearing issue now. I will probably have to replace the whole part. I put a caliper on all the tubular inserts I have and the all seem to be the same size.

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