WR450F 2-trac Paris Dakar

WR450F 2-trac Paris Dakar







2-trac in Berlin show


I had to sneak this one in


Way to Cool Pics!!! :):D :D :D :D :D

Way Cool Pics...

I believe I just found a new wallpaper with the beach wheelie :)

Those were awsome pics! My only question is when they offer them for sale, will they come with that huge light setup?

Great pics!

Check out that skid plate! Is that to protect the engine from the FRONT wheel rooost??????? :D:)

I would be very interested with this Dakar setup. Looks like a true dual sport to compete with KTM, BMW. :)

Dual exhaust - sweet :D

I'm afraid that the dual exhaust bike is a KTM 660 Rallye..

The Yamaha WR450F 2-trac has a single exhauts and maybe a fuel container on the other side..

I think that bashplate also hold water. The Dakar bikes are required to carry a certain amount of fuel and water on the bike before the start of each stage.

They are most certainly not dual sport machines.. I think their sole purpose is to travel long distance through rough terrain at high speed, just awsome.

I would be very interested with this Dakar setup. Looks like a true dual sport to compete with KTM, BMW. :)

Dual exhaust - sweet :D

Look at your last picture, definately dual exhaust. Compare this bike to the BMW F650GS Dakar and I believe it would compete very well.


Yes, that last picture is a very nice one of Cyril Depres on his KTM. Oh, and yes it does have a dual exhaust.

Those pumkin bike wannabees. There is a KTM conspiracy to mess with our minds :):D :D :D


Dual exhaust - sweet :D

Thats a KTM, you should know that. :D And when is the last time you saw a single cylinder engine with dual exhaust? :)

I was in a mental warp. New rules :) no KTM's on the Yamaha page.

To be honest I was hoping for a moment that Yamaha did have a dual exhaust. Now I need to make a mental note to remove the KTM from my wallpaper.

Speaking of wallpaper....Time for new screensaver 04 edition? Anyone to volunteer?

Fretigné just won today's stage. He stunned all the KTMs. He is 10th overall now.

And he is a rookie :D

Go Fretigné :)

A Yamaha boy won the Dakar: Stephane Peterhansel

He is often considered as one of the most talented motorcycle rider of his time. He started as a skateboard champ in France....

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