tech 8 break in????

I got a new pair of black Tech 8's on Thursday and wore 'em around the house for a day, went to a track Sunday and rode once with them and I could not feel the shifter or the rear brake. I couldn't tell if I was under the shifter or on top of it, I basically couldn't tell what gear I was in. And for the brake lever I couldn't tell if I was even on the brake and I had no control over the amount of braking I was using. What should I do to break them in "correctly" and how long will it take? Also, when they are thoroughly broken in, will I be able to feel the shifter like I can with my work boots or will I have to (but don't want to) get used to not being able to feel anything? Thank you.

Sorry dude I have three pairs of tech 8s and I cant feel the shifter at all you just need to get used to them I can tell how much I am breaking. Lift your shifter foot straight up and not rock it on the peg. Let me know how that works.

oh yea, ive heard of that before, i shall try that. i will also try moving the shifter up a click on my bike for better fit if it has little splines...never looked.

hey i got a new pair of tech 8 last spring and i felt like throughing them out, i hated them. I felt the same way i didnt know what i was doing with my feet. Well i broke them in by ridding with them in the winter. I think getting them wet and using them is a big help. try just soaking them then ridding or just walking arround in them for the day. I never moved my shifter and now i think i can feel the shifts, if not it just gets stuck in your head, and for braking it gets better as you break them in. At first i was always locking up my brakes but now there great. I woiuldn't want any other boots!!! Good luck and stick with them cause once there broken in ther awsome boots!!

I've had 2 pairs and I love them. There definitely not a cheap flimsey boot, it will take a few rides to get the feel. In Texas I get soaked in about 80% of the Hare Scrambles that I race so getting them broke in isn't a problem.

Give it a few rides and you'll be glad you made the purchase.



Get a bottle of "Neats" boot oil. Remove the liner and pour about 1/2 the bottle in each boot. Slither it all around inside with your hand (very messy), and let them sit overnight. Its about the best you can do to loosen them up more quickly.

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You definitely made the right purchase. Tech-8's offer more protection than any other boot, as far as breaking them in, just keep riding in them and before you know it, they will feel like an old friend.

Hey Thumper,

I'll be right there with you. I just brought home my new Tech 8's today, so Sunday will be my first ride with them. I expect to lock up the rear brake/stall the engine and miss more than my fair share of shifts, but these are some darn nice boots!

I don't think it is as much a break in issue as a get use to issue it just takes some time. I have 2 pairs of these boots and all I can say is they are great.

JD, are u talking about the inner bootie or the actual boot liner to do that?

sorry for soundin dumb, its my first pair of actual MX boots...will that oil disolve overnight or do you dump out the remainder after soaking it?

Actually Tech-8's are advertised as already broken in! They do take some getting used to though. I have always sprayed WD-40 all over the outside of the boot and let it sit for several hours before I ride. Then I occasionally do that again just to keep them in shape. I have several pairs and the WD-40 doesn't seem to hurt them in any way. Back in the day (the old high point boots) we used to fill the bathtub with hot water, dunk the boots for about an hour and then take them out and mow the lawn. Then let them dry and they would be good to go. Just be sure if you are an off-road rider NOT to get the White, as they are vented and you take a bath when it's wet.


I've got the Tec 8's too and love them! I did not do anything special for break in and they have been great from day 1, though they did get a little more flexable after a few rides (not a large difference). I think that if you compare any "MX boot" to any "shoe" (I would consider a work boot more of a shoe) that you're going to have a large difference in feel AND in protection! Unfortunately with the greater protection comes a bit less feel but after a while of getting used to the boots you won't want to ride without them!

Hey guys,

Just shelled out $475 for all new gear, or let me say my credit card shelled it out for Christmas. Parts Unlimited had Tech 8's on closeout for $169 in my size and the color I wanted (12). But unfornunately when I found out about it and called of course they were all gone. So on my budget I had to go with the M4's by Alpinestar. Damn, would of loved to had a pair of Tech 8's. Anyway only had one ride before my track turned to mud and slush for the winter. I couldn't shift, must have missed 2nd gear 20x, As for the brake I kept locking the rear wheel. They will definitely take some getting used too. But they sure are very good looking boots compared to the 90 dollar Thors I have been riding in for years. I will try soaking them in WD-40 and see how that goes. Can't wait till it drys up. Need to rip it!! Guess the mud covered Warrior will have to do for now!! Sure must be nice to ride year round!! :)

Remove the bootie and pour the Neats boot oil into the boot. The leather and fabric absorbs it all if you spread it around. A little ends up on the outside of the bootie after you put it back in and ride. I think its a better alternative to getting them wet in the bathtub. :)

soak them in real hot water for 20mins. then put them on wet and walk around in then for about half hour.

well the reason i never rode with a pair of MX boots is because i couldn't ever find a pair that would fit around my calves. alpinestars the only company i know of that makes extended straps and im happy i finally found a pair that fit. the velcro on the top only goes on about 1/2 of an inch :) big man on bike, watch out!

Hey Thumper4life,

If this is your first pair of boots, it takes some time to get used to riding with them. I hated my first pair of boots, and swore their stiffness was going to throw me over the bars. I was used to the flex of work boots too. Give it a few rides and you'll be used to them and wonder why you ever rode without the security a good pair of MX boots gives. As far as controll and feel, you'll probably never get the same feel as a pair of work boots.

To avoid locking up the rear brake with new Tech-8's, make sure the brake pedal is adjusted either level or slightly below the top of the foot peg. My pedal was higher than the footpeg from the factory and I was constantly dragging and/or locking up the rear brake. No problems since the adjustment.

I`m on my third pair of tech 8`s. One thing that I do when breaking in new boots is to wear one new boot on one foot and one old boot on the other, switching boots after about every 30 min. At least when you can`t shift you can still brake and vice versa.

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