tech 8 break in????

Sorry to sound negative but WHY would you squirt any type of oil etc. onto a boot to aid break in. The whole theory of a boot being stiff is to keep ones ankle from being destroyed in a crash. Boots were never supposed to feel like wearing sandals.

They did feel really really stiff for the first month. But when they get broken in they rock.

So before you go out and destroy the functionality of your boots do yourself and your ankles a favor and break them in the old fashion way. Wear them around the house and enjoy the pain while watching football or eating dinner!!!!!


Consider a few other things. The protection comes mostly from the plastic and steel that surrounds the leather. The leather doesn't become weak or tear more easily when conditioned. The point is that you need to use the brake to avoid crashing in the first place. That could be much worse than just an ankle. I have missed corners with new boots before because I couldn't find the rear brake and it's not fun.


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