Got a new to me 2011 yz450f

Hey eveyone!


i picked up a 2011 yz450f for a steal $3200. Runs like a rapped ape. I love everything about the bike. The only complaint i have is that it doesn't start in gear at all. I may need new clutch plates possibly. It feels like its fading. Anyone else have a problem starting theirs in gear?

My 2011 wont start in gear either.  I think its just the bike.

My 11s the same deal. It will never start 1 kick cold either. Have to cycle the motor 4-5 times then kick. Starts every time like that. I just got a rekluse exp just to keep her running if I crash in a moto.

looks like i won't be getting anymore holeshots in the harescrambles :( oh welll

my 10 is a pain to start in gear or to push around in gear (clutch in)

try this...


start the motor

pull in the clutch

put it in first 

rev it up a little 

let it idle down

hit the kill switch, but keep the clutch in *do not release it (keep the clutch pack separated)

find the hard spot with the kick starter, move the kick-starter to the very top


kick it smooth and hard.

Definitely, for dead engine starts my '11 was not the holeshot king.

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