Switching to a different oil????

I have a 99 yz 400. I am currently using Golden Spectro Synthetic (that is what the previous owner was using). I want to switch to an oil that is more common and easily found. Golden Spectro is hard to find in my area. Any recommendations on a alternate brand would be greatly appreciated. I have asked several different dealers and have recieved several different answers.

hey man i run spectro in my yzf 250, although im sponsord by them, i chose them over others cause i think its the best oil out there. You should try calling spectro 1-800-2getoil and have them talk to a local dealer they will prob hook you up!! have fun

Actually I'm using MOTUL 5100 ESTER in my '99 YZ400F with very good results, I don't know what brand of oil the last owner was using but this oil is giving me wonderful results, it's easier to get instead of Golden Spectro with the same or almost better quality and brand reputation out there in the dirtbikes market !

Hope this help guy ! :)

Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15-50. $5.88 a gallon at walmart, rated for gas and diesel engines, a good bit of detergents and is rated for gearboxes and trannies by Caterpilliar, Cummins, Allision etc etc.

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