2011 yz450f timing marks?

Hi im new to this its my first post.  I have a 2011 yz450f, i went to set the valves the other day because the bike backfired and died and wont start back up. when i took the valve cover off it seemed the timing marks would not line up. i also noticed that they have changed the timing marks on the fly wheel from the 2008. So i did the valve adjustment but cant get the mark on the flywheel to match the marks on the cams,am i doing somthing wrong? has anyone had this problem on the new style motor? the book only shows one timing mark so im going with the most obvious one.  Ive been working on it all weekend trying to get it lined up and either way its too far out with both cams lined up even on the head. Please help if anyone has any info it would be much appreciated!

The only thing unusual about the marks is that the cams aren't timed to TDC.  For what ever reason, the marks on the flywheel are at around 25 degrees BTDC.  Either way, you line up the mark on the flywheel and set the cams to match in the usual manner. 


Also, in working on that engine, remember that the intake and exhaust have switched places, so the lobes will point in toward each other instead of out and away.

Thank you for the reply this has been driving me crazy.  So i went and looked again today and im thinking the sprocket on cam slipped because my lobes dont line up, the exhaust cam (rear of the bike) is pointed around 10 oclock and the intake (front of bike) is aorund 1 oclock  this doesnt seem right to me, thats with the timing marks flush with head on either side. should they not be pointing at each other like 10 and 2? has anyone herd of this happening? the bike has like 50 hrs on it.

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