What have you done to your yz450 to make it a woods weapon?

Hey everyoe,

I got some extra cash floating around to make my yz450 more woods suitable.

What should i do first?

It has the stock exhaust, 49t rear sprocket, getting bark busters soon and a michelin mh3 starcross rear tire.

Things that ive heard to invest in:

Dubach radiator lowering kit

Pro circuit lowering linkange

Tuner to change the power to suit woods riding

What do you guys think?

I try not too throw my two cents in too often because I'm not nearly as knowledgable as some on here but if you have not done it already fly wheel weight or heavier fly wheel was night and day on my 2012. Lets you lugg it down low with out that herky jerky throttle response along with several other benefits. It smoothed the initial power Witch is a great help in the woods or for any thing even slightly technical. No ill effects on the track either. I would start there that's all my bike needed too satisfy me for some trail riding.

Oversized EBC brake rotor. Clarke 2.6 gallon tank, flywheel weight, bark busters, rekluse Z start pro clutch, radiator guards,factory connection suspension, zip Ty signature series 17mm triple clamps, ironman 51 tooth sprocket

Skip the oversized brake rotor and save some cash, Just upgrade to a SS braided brake line.....

I just did my 2011 yz450F.  Hands down best mod was the Rekluse 3.0 (Disk Only) $370.  The 3.0 is the latest version and it replaces a few stock clutch disks.  No stalling and its the bomb in the tight woods. I ride a gear up in the woods and torque through corners.  Plenty durable for in the woods and the price is right.  Install is easy and it can also be removed in minutes. 


I put on an Acerbis 2.4 gallon black tank and I love it...looks pretty good and really extends the range.  


Akropovic exhaust with spark arrestor...love the sound and smooths out the bottom end.


Bark busters /Devol skid plate to protect the cases/Devol radiator guards

Adding a rekluse clutch was the best modification I made to my 06 to make it better in woods. Then I would say rad guards of some sort.

Skip most of the bling.  I'd go flywheel weight and GYTR Power Tuner - I never did get the Rekluse 2.0 to work all that well.  Hey nsdqnav, does the 3.0 really eliminate stalling?  Mine still had weird cough and stalls even with the 2.0.

Cy...Yes it did...have to run the idle a little higher and I used heavy engagement springs.

Sprocket changes, flywheel and lowering link.

I first put a kick stand on it. The rekluse auto clutch made it never stall. Pilot jet you adjust by hand with numbers on it makes changing elevations easy. I now ride a 2005 ktm exc200 and only miss the yz when a uphill takes me by surprise.

It would help if we knew what year bike you were working with.

Sorry guys haha its a 2011

Flywheel weight, exhaust system, hand gaurds, raised forks in clamps, Michelin soft front tire. I've done a lot more to mine, but these mods will make any year bike better in the woods.

Flywheel weight, exhaust system, hand gaurds, raised forks in clamps, Michelin soft front tire. I've done a lot more to mine, but these mods will make any year bike better in the woods.

That's about all you need, be sure it's a QUIET Exhaust with spark arrestor. The powertuner will help fix the on/off switch of the throttle. An oversized front rotor (try Tusk) is a godsend for riding off road. I just did a steep 2500' descent and couldn't imagine doing that with the stock rotor. My '11 had a braided brake line so no need to change it out.

GYTR weighted flywheel fo sho

Resurrecting this older thread -

IF anyone needs a new Moose Racing kickstand for their 2010 - 13 450 - I just listed one in classifieds.


Also, I agree with many posts here about the FW weight - i have on on my '10 and it does help.

That said, for that bike to be a "true" woods weapon (for tight eastern-style off road riding at least) it really needs a Rekluse clutch, mentioned in this thread a couple of times.


I was thinking about selling my 450, but this thread has me thinking about converting it to off-road . . .

I highly agree with the rekluse,



-Suspension is a must on these bikes, my 2011 YZ was disturbingly hard to ride in the bush with stock suspension.   

-Skid plate

-rad guards/braces,

-cycra hand guards (full wrap ones),

-IMS bigger fuel tank,

-I run front and rear rotor guards,

-gripper seat cover to stay planted on real nasty hill climbs,

-of course proper sprocket gearing, I run a renthal 13 front and 52 rear, had really good luck with supersprox rear steel and R3 renthal o-ring chain.

-Depending on your terrain a lot of guys are running Bib moose tubes instead of air tubes in their tires. I haven't tried them yet but plan on it next season.


All of this is not necessary but recommended, I've put a lot of miles on in the bush and wrecked a lot of stuff. You'll learn quick which "protective" parts you need and what set up works best for you. Good luck the fuel injected YZ450 is a fire breathing dragon and a ton of fun in the bush.    

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